MTB Dreamin' How is it looking?

So kids. I am pondering a new build and some of it is unknown territory for me.

So looking for your sage advice.

I don’t have a mountain board type set up.

Never have even been on one.
Never seen one in real life…

But still kind of want to fill that empty spot in my esk8 collection.

The part that is really foreign to me is that I’m pondering graphene batteries.

So here is what I am looking at.

MBS comp 95 complete.
Comes with rockstar hubs and 8" tires and the Matrix II with the plastic base.

Go with the very affordable boardnamics mounts.

These wheel pulleys.

Thinking 14t motor pulleys.

I want to use a Unity I already have and the 6374 170kv Maytechs I already have.

So the wild card for me are these batteries.

I weigh 230lbs with pads on so I tend to think I’m pretty hard and demanding on these boards.

Are 2 of these going to be good?
Is this the best I could do with Lipos?

Is this all I need to charge them?

I am unsure on the correct parameters to use for the battery on the calculator.
Does this look right?
I don’t think it is… Not sure what to correct.
I am sure I don’t need that kid of top speed on this type of board…

I would be kind of cool if I could actually take this out in the snow…

I have not put a ton of thought into enclosures yet. Just kind of thinking pelican case type things…


You will need a power source for the balance charger

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You’re gonna want chains if you want the snow. Belts dont like getting frozen


My two set ups


Tagging the EMTB whisperer.


Can just repeat what @Arzamenable already said. You will need a power source for that charger as well only the charge module has a DC input.
With 2 of the 6Ah packs you will top out at 7-10km range. If that’s enough for you than that’s totally fine.

Like @Flasher said, belts not the best choice if you plan to ride in the snow. Depending on the snow type it can pop your belts when get stuck between belts and pulley.
Chains or gear drive is the way to go.

If you go with mbs, think about choosing fivestar hubs instead of rockstar hubs.
Fivestar fit 8“ and 9“ wheels. Mbs has nice 9“ wheels which will be perfect for snow as well.


Looks like a very similar path I started on but you went for a full mtb as a building platform, good thinking.

The guys above have all given great advice. Those F5 bindings are a dream, you will be very happy once you get used to bindings.

You may need to trim the nose and/or tail of the deck to avoid motor mount bite.

Good luck man, I’m following your progress! There is nothing cooler than being able to cruise through the woods abnormally fast while using very little physical energy :+1:


That one milf at the dogging park

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Thanks Dude.
I thought I was getting by too easy…
So bear with me.
for charging combine these 2 items?

Battery wise, I would like to get 10 miles(16km). I would really like 15 miles(24km) but I also need to be able to lift the board… so I think I can compromise here.

I really, really struggle with the whole Lipo Battery thing so much.
Would 2 of these cut it?

Or are these the way to go? they seem massive…

Is there an obvious combination of Lipos that folks typically use?

I would also welcome suggestions on getting chain drives.
I seem to only see the Momentum Boards one. which I think will do.

Much appreciated.


Have you possibly looked for etoxx?

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The hobbyking power supply you linked is out of stock, as min for me, but they should have special power supply for the reactor charges as far as I know.

I would prefer graphens over the turnigy lipos.
12Ah should give you close to that range you want, but that depends on how and where you ride.
Why you want to go with lipos?
There good reasons for it, but the higher the range expectations the less sense it makes to go with lipos.
They more Heavy and more expensive as they usually can’t handle that much charge cycles as LiIon cells.

About chains, shoot @NoWind a pm or a mail via his site.

I‘m sure he can sort you out with the drive train.


yeah, that is some nice stuff…


To be honest I am not sure I really want Lipos.
never used them before.
when I was looking at the smaller ones it seemed attractive because of the price and availability…

but with the 2 Graphene 12000 and chargers I am getting close to $450.

That Etoxx stuff is super nice. Off course after looking at the chain set up I start looking at the drives…
freaking sweet.

this diy stuff is so nuts, as my thinking I could keep this relatively cheap has already been blown out of the water…


You can have a look here as well


Welcome! We leave all our money at the door on the way in and try to enjoy it all :joy:


I have a real problem with this… just last week I swore I wasn’t spending another dime…


I say if you actually use your board and plan on keeping it. Lipos ain’t the way.

I’ve gone through maybe 40 lipos and the cycle life is just horrible granted I don’t always discharge but more than often I do. I use to swap lipos for additional range but they’ll possibly eventually puff and if not they degrade fast so you’ll end up getting 60-70% range from a battery.

Which means you’ll be buying more lipos constantly if you actually use and ride your board.

Vs if you go Lithium Ion 18650,etc. Your battery will last for at least 2-3 years with no crazy capacity degradation unless a cell is bad (not likely) and if your BMS sucks or you don’t charge to 100% on your 18650 battery.

Not to mention charging isn’t as simple either plus you’ll have to use a loop key.

I was using a HobbyKing 350w 25A Power Supply (100v~120v) with an iCharger 208B+ and Parallel Charging Boards to charge multiple batteries. It’s also bulky when charging.


There’s always the discharge only BMS option for one plug charging and unrestricted Lipo power.

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48V and 62.5 amps. Makes 3 kW of raw power. That’s, what i call normal :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


There some volt missing for 12s thou :sweat_smile:
And a bit much amps, no?
I guess you charge usually all your battery packs at once in parallel?
That would be actually pretty fast :sweat_smile::ok_hand:
But a bit dangerous

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