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£240 - MOON LRV Drive - All Terrain Modular Gear Drive

I just made a google form.

Fill it out if you are interested in purcashing.

Simple Renders of the New Drive

Gear Ratios

44/9T 4.89
44/10T 4.40
44/11T 4.00
44/12T 3.67
44/14T 3.14

Wheels - AIO Wheel Adapter

MBS Rockstar Pattern
Trampa Superstar Pattern


MBS Matrix 2
Trampa Infinity
Boardnamics Precision Hangers
More to come - Hypertrucks, Kahuas.


Base Price £240
Extra Set of Pinions £30 (far cheaper than the competition)
Extra Set of Clamps* £35
Grease** £12

*Except for certain trucks suchas the Hypertrucks from Lacroix
**Around 100 grams of grease (enough for 3-4 drives). Comes in a tub and comes with a spatula,gloves,and wet wipes.

Part List

  • 2x POM Wheel Gear
  • 2x Carbon Steel Pinions
  • 2x 3K Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Gearbox Lid
  • 2x 6061 Aluminium Gearbox Case
  • 2x Wheel Plate
  • 2x Truck Clamp
  • 2x V 65A V Ring
  • 2x grease motor cover
  • Boring list of bolts and bearings

Quick Info about Beta Feedback

  • 10 testers selected. 6/10 testers riding. 14 sets of drives in total.

  • Trucks used - MBS Matrix 2 , Surf Rodz RKP , Surf Rodz TKP , Trampa Infinity

  • Wheels used - Sixshooters , Bergmeisters , MBS Rockstar 2, Trampa Superstars

  • All ratios used

Design Changes

Open me


Minor Changes Notable Changes
Weight saving - gear drive will be 100 grams lighter due to a slimmer case, clamps and wheel adaptor. Motor Bolts - Changes to the motor bolt placements to make sure that all 4 motor bolts can be used on all setups with ease
Aesthetic improvements - all parts will anodized and sandblasted for a flawless finish, and the aluminium gearbox case will look sexier Pinions - 10t,11t,12t,14t pinions will all have a keyway. 9t will have grub screws instead of a keyway. Removed flanges for all pinions
Gear box case - Uses slots instead of fixed angle positions. Changed grease port positions. Extra 2 bolts for drive lid. Better sealing Zero 3d printed parts - previously a 3d printed gearbox cover was used. This has now been replaced with 3k twill matte carbon fibre lid
- Sealing - grease cover for the motor is now provided, to protect open motors from grease and prevent any unwanted gunk inside the gearbox. Now uses a v65a v-ring to ensure optimum sealing for the wheel gear, design has changed as result
- Improved clamp designs - will no longer need spacers inside the gear drive for Surf Rodz setups. Improved bearing seat on wheel gear and clamps

Awesome Builds

Open me

Few Pictures and Videos - these guys have great builds :slight_smile:

@Venom121212’s Circuit Board

3.67 Gear Ratio
Hummie Deck
Surf Rodz RKP
@mikenyc’s Bowery Surf Adjustable Baseplates


@mmaner’s Drakaina

3.67 Gear Ratio
Lacroix Prototipo
Surf Rodz TKP
Six Shooters


@Andy87 's Trampa Board

4.4 Gear Ratio
Trampa Infinity and Superstars
Dual 6384

Boring History Lessons

Design History and Beta Testing

Design Process

I first started to design this drive around November of last year with @Andy87’s help this was a struggle since at the time I did not own or have access to a 3D Printer.

I had a prototype for @mmaner around January/February of this year. The drive showed good signs but it was definitely too early to draw any conclusions since not a lot of money was spent on custom parts. It was much more a mcgyver job.

Beta Testing

This is esk8 and people have lives and are busy, so I carefully chose 10 people to test this drive with the intention of getting great feedback. I selected the Beta testers in late April, started production in early May, and shipped the drives to Beta Testers in early July.

During that time I have had great feedback from a few members, @itsmedant, @Venom121212, @Andy87, @Kingdom421, @eboosted and of course @mmaner.

I have now spent time making changes based on their feedback. Even though some testers haven’t gotten around to building I have been able to get enough information to make the changes that are required. Since most issues are derived from installation



The purpose of this thread is so I don’t have to type the same infomation again. I get too many questions about where is the thread etc.

Currently making final changes so I can make another batch of drives.
Helical gears are also in the works


@moon bug is amazing.
I’m just waiting on final parts to upgrade LaSag’ne to GD


Are the helicals going to be an upgrade option for these or would they be a different set of drives?

Not gonna lie I was hoping to see a google form link for orders while reading through it lol


Helicals will be an upgrade option to this drive.


Do you have any plans on offering different gear ratios (pinion sizes) other than what is listed?

The only other ones I could possibly offer is 13T and 8T. I don’t want too many pinions on offer though for logistical reasons.

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I understand. Thanks!

Yeeeeewwewwww!!! Excellent work! Im starting a moon esk8 savings fund right now :rofl:


Do the wheels and trucks have to be matched as in the table?
Can you pair trampa wheels with trampa trucks too?

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im defo in on this oo

@moon should I PM you or wait for a form?

Don’t read it like a table

Just see whats on that table and absorb the information :joy:

I’ll make it easier to read in a moment


Confusing table aside, this is one of the nicest formatted posts I’ve seen here. Good job.


When do we need to pay you to test these? And… Can I pay you with sex?

But I’m in dude. If you’ll have me.


Wait for a form. I have around 7 drives reserved at the moment and this thread was for those people :joy:


Ooh also, as this is the AT version I think your should call it the “LRV Drive”, after the moon buggy which nasa calls a Lunar Roving Vehicle.


Solid name.


You know me dawg


Yeah you have a history of being really good at coming up with names :joy:


Is this the only boardsport in which the riders would know this type of things?:laughing: I mean it in the most positive way possible but I am not used to this.