Motor Problem Sound Identification Compendium (SERIOUS)

Lately I have been seeing more posts regarding strange or weird motor sounds, often caused by a problem in the motor.

I think it would be a good idea to collect all the motor sound files/video’s which preferably include a description, cause of the problem, and possibly the solution.

People can use this thread to indentify their specific motor sound and possibly find the related problem.

The thread could also be changed to all sounds instead of just motor sounds let me know what you think.

I think @Simeon and @ShutterShock are still troubleshooting their motor sounds, if you guys find the answer feel free to add a video with explanation :ok_hand:


I know @malJohann already found the cause of the weird sound in one of his motors so I’ll add this to start it off. Maybe you can add a working sound file/video if you still have it?




excellent idea!


Experienced a weird ticking sound myself today. Turns out that my idler was fastened too tight, so instead of it spinning, the belt just slid across it, heating up, and I guess making sound somehow. Solution: add a washer so that the idler doesn’t get stuck against the mount :slight_smile:


I was troubleshooting it, but I ended up deciding that it is fine and that it still works. I don’t truly know the solution though.

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The only video I took was that 1 second clip, the way it manifested during operation at its worst was that whenever I used throttle, for throttle or brakes, is it would lock up the wheel. Luckily I found the problem at walking pace.

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Maybe make this thread a wiki


Video of problem:
Moving stator and clicking startup of motors

screws holding the stator in place were loose.
-> Fixed with locktite

Thread: [SOLVED] Weird motor problems


Motor: TB 6380 /170KV
I figured I’d come here to find my problem and saw that most of the issues were loose screws so I pulled it off the board to check and found that the can is loose?

how would I fix this, or should I return it? This is the second TB motor I’ve had issues with, I had to send the first one back because a magnet fell out/wasn’t glued in properly (I believe, it’s been a bit) and was given this one as replacement.
Note: it has very few miles on it as I was having battery issues and school was starting so I just put it aside until now


@torqueboards might be able to help you out

I ended up fixing this fully by making a plate with inspiration from @b264’s use of a dutch pin and key way


That’s The Right Way :tm: to fix that shizzle

No more problems for you :rofl:


How on earth do you manage to make that thing precise enough to keep the can in the correct position with just hand tools? :open_mouth:

I had access to a lathe but I really only needed it to drill a hole in the axle (the end was already punched for a live center from the factory, which helped alot) I’d say the hardest part was tapping, I was breaking the threads of the plug tap I had so I ordered a taper tap and used that instead. The actual plate was scribed on a lathe just because I didn’t have a compass, I made the the straight lines, drilled the center hole and put a bolt through it. Chucking that up in a drill you can just spin it on a belt sander.

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