Mini remote mod with thumb control

Does the position matter?

Yep, I usually have the knobs in this position

PCB orientation is with the light and bind button below
Left knob at 12 o clock,
Right knob at 2 o clock

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Oh okay! Mine are al the way turned left, did not know it made a difference

I love the remote design! Made me one with my resin printer. Great design!


Oh my it looks absolutely gorgeous! Didn’t consider anyone printing this from resin. Are the tolerances even close for such a high resolution print?


What exactly do your knob adjustments do?

Ever notice anything even slightly funky from doing it?

If i turn the right knob from 2 o’clock to 3 or 4, the wheels will start to accelerate to say 1km/h. If it turn it to 1 o’clock or 12, it makes the wheel brake. Take it as a little ‘push assist’ feel, if you would. But i never used it that often so i never had the need to adjust it on the fly.

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Yes fits perfect! No wiggle at all


They’re just trim adjustments for ESC’s that don’t have PPM mapping built into their software/hardware, like RC helicopters that turn to the left a little bit at hover due to the helicopter not knowing where center of the PPM is. Pretty useless for VESCs unfortunately and they’re quite the eyesore.

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I finaly was able to print and convert my mini remote. Thank you jaatie. Took me 3 prints with petg to get the setting right.


So, when I follow the links I can only buy stuff in lots of 5… well ok then

And now we wait


This mod looks awesome. Anyone have an extra print for sale?

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This can all be adjusted during binding. It’s the failsafe set point.

Technically you can put the knobs wherever you want, as long as you set the failsafe afterward.

You know it’s correct if you can turn the remote off and the board is in neutral with no throttle or braking applied.


I will see if I can get my 3d printer working tomorrow and print your one out of petg. All I have is semi clear PETG. I work I sf.


Thanks so much! Please do let me know if you get it working, would be great to be able to pick up in SF.

I got your case printed. Do you need a charge only lipo charger? Or a drone?

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Thanks again, @midlifecrisis! I was pleasantly surprised how small this remote is and cannot wait to use it once my Mini Remote and VESC arrive.

Great design dude, already used the remote for 100km! Fits so good!


For those who wants to have the remote’s throttle/brake to be like a normal thumb remote, swap the red and black wire on the pot. Works for me.


If anyone has an extra remote or the 3D printed parts I’ll happily take them off your hands

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