Metro X Dual Retro help

So my Vesc came in and it took me hours just to get the Vesk to partially work. First time using the vesc tool went though videos for my problem. BGordon helped me out for the most part. So far with my enertion nano x receiver while setting up ppm I got the error that I need RT App data enabled and set up the pulse thing. Would not work but after I swapped for my rc flipsky remote only the left motor runs not the right. But when the receiver PPM cable is flipped to the other Vice Versa one spin one doesn’t.

This is for my enertion Raptor 2.0 the vesc burnt out so had to order the retro. But so far what my problem occurred is motor and the brakes doesn’t work like how the dual focbox did with the remote throttle and brakes.

Might want to try in noob questions thread.

If you search the web for vesc documentation you’ll find the official walkthroughs of vesc tool. You seem to be on the right path maybe just a bit more docs would help you.

Do you have a CAN bus cable connecting your focboxes? I’m going to assume that’s how your raptor was setup. and that to have one controller control both focboxes you need to enable multiple vescs over can. for that to work you need:

in addition the CAN ids in app general page should be different. ( usually primary set to the lower number 0 and secondary set to 1 )

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