Metr Pro Updates

Please don’t worry. Nothing is end of life. You can see the situation as following: current generation Metr Pro modules are out of stock. But they are perfectly capable and those who managed to grab them recently for the price, that hasn’t been changed for several years are actually lucky.

New generation hardware is currently being worked on. We now have the prototypes that we will be sending to select beta testers any time now.

The software is compatible with both current and new generation hardware. In fact some people are still using HM-10 based modules that I sold in 2018 and those still work! (apart from uploading the records)


Let me know of you are still looking for testers, been using metr for years and years, would love to help you guys work out kinks and stuff! My mtb is still running metr + davega, which I think is the ideal board setup.