Metal Matrix 2 top plate

@MBS is out of stock and has been for a while.

I know e-toxx sells some but $170 plus shipping.

At that point I’d just buy 2 whole brand new metal matrix 2 trucks from MBS and use their all time 15% discount code to get them for $170 shipped free.

Anyone else making some? @mbs can you get back to me on when there will be more? I need to upgrade!


According to the other place thread the metal base plates will be available again in US end July/August.

As it’s now the official Matrix2 metal base plate thread :sweat_smile: @Venom121212 I would like to add some information.
Lately some people reported that due to manufacturing tolerance the gap between base plate and hanger is up to 2mm on the place of the kingpin. That shouldn’t be. The width of the base plate should be around 58mm. Small tolerance you can fix by tighten up the kingpin. If your base plate is far off, it’s recommended to submit a warranty claim via there website ( for North America).
@MBS is about to find out how it could come to this and fix it for future batches.


Great info! Thank you for the heads up, I hadn’t heard of this issue until now.


I’m pretty sure @Excess has a few

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I thought he just look for metal base plates, not for plastic base plates.

I am, but if it gets me riding those trucks faster, I’ll give them a gentle try.


No ride it like a cheap hooker


That’s what I was speaking about. Thx for the pictures

I have a set of the etoxx ones coming, when I get them, I could sell you the stock ones? Only problem is I have no idea when the etoxx ones will come as they were part of a group buy…

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The stock nylon ones or metal?

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I would certainly buy those off you if yours arrive before mbs stocks them again. May I ask why you’re opting to use the etoxx ones?

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Only because I ordered the etoxx kit before I had the board and didn’t realise that I would be getting the metal top trucks… if I hadve known I wouldn’t have boughtt the etoxx ones.

As soon as I hear from @NoWind or @hyperion1 regarding delivery I will let you know.

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And a second like for you sir!

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Has anyone heard from @MBS about the metal base plate tolerance issues? Will a washer against the plastic bushing the kingpin passes through resolve it?

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So I just heard from Hyperion, my order is at least 4 weeks away still, MBS will likely be back in stock by then!

They say early August as of yesterday. I sure hope so!

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Sorry guys. I had notifications turned off on this forum for some reason so kinda went MIA accidentally. Yes, more Metal Matrix II top trucks arriving soon in USA (early Aug).

Small gaps are by design for ease of assembly. They cinch up easily when tightening king pin. For larger gaps (as seen by some) that won’t tighten it’s fine to use a washer if you’re just super keen to ride, but we’d prefer to hear about those via our customer service dept. We always want our stuff to always be within spec so happy to replace any if needed.