Meepo SRB MONSOON 🏄‍♂️

So no CAD?


I’m sure there was CAD since the CNC stuff was done.

But seeing the hand drawn elements here are awesome to me. I love seeing the early sketches for stuff, the moment ideas hit reality is when someone makes a mark. It brings it into the world in a way.


CAD is a tool juat as Pen and Paper are a tool, differnet means to achive the same goal


I just was hoping SRB was doing design. I like the idea of racers directly designing instead of outsourcing it :man_shrugging:

I guess that’s why the 3links stayed made out of COTS hardware for so long (at least until competition showed up)

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Meh I’ll take easily accessible parts over hard to get single source parts. Bespoke CNC stuff looks cool but the ability to repair things on my own by going to ace is also valuable to me.

Both have their place

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Eh, personally, feels like copium to me. Fusion isn’t that hard to learn.

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Super cool stuff.
Thanks for sharing!


The majority of the designing was done by Moe. I popped in a few suggestions here and there.

There was CAD. I do the same thing as Moe. Draw first.

I usually see it in my head and go make it. If I draw something, it is either because I need to document or explain.
I do use CAD for parts I out source. Machine as much as I can in-house. The cost per piece outsourcing stateside for CNC work pretty much puts any small batch nitche stuff out of the resonable price range. In-house CNC would be nice, but the niche has to justify the cost. For now, it’s mostly done by hand.

Knowing something is assembled and functioning properly before it is sent to a customer is most important. CNC makes a really nice looking part but it has to pencil (make money) and be a good functional product for the customer.


Who did the cad?



The first production based raceboard designed from years of track racing experience. @meepoboard MLR by #stoogeraceboards with @madesk8 3M legacy trucks.
Get yours st
Moe B Biggs on Instagram: "The first production based raceboard designed from years of track racing experience. @meepoboard MLR by #stoogeraceboards with @madesk8 3M legacy trucks. Get yours st"


So how did you come up with the name Moe?

Bringing bad weather to the competition, I felt the Monsoon fit the bill wilh the Hurricane in the lineup.

This was the explanation to Kieran

"The most treasured forms of legacy are found in intangible gifts: values, memories, friendship, love, and respect.
It is important that the “Legacy” 3-link design is understood as a legitimate, approved, and properly designed product with years of racing experience and development behind it.

Not copied, stolen, or a poorly designed borrowed knockoff.



Sorta off topic but funny how the ‘Zed’ managed to stick from esk8con haha. It’s an artefact of me spelling out my last name in British English instead of ‘Zee’ :rofl:

PS: honoured to have been mentioned though, and thoroughly enjoyed riding the MLR at esk8con. Three-link build already in progress for next year.



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Tilo’s not dead baby.

Are these tubeless tires ?
Thinking about selling my DIY and getting one of these. Always thought stock racing would be sick, big fan of slow car fast.



Maybe slightly off topic, but I have just received this email from Meepo regarding my 3 link trucks. Anyone have any insight?