Meepo Hurricane Ultra Discussion

Another day, another board release! This time, the Meepo Hurricane Ultra, one of the most option-packed prebuilts from China we’ve ever seen. Let’s go through some of the selling points:

The small controversy - we will soon see how similar it is, but the geardrive “designed” by Linnpower, is now present on the Meepo Hurricane Ultra. Allegedly, it uses a 4 gear design, similar to the one designed by Newbee. I still haven’t been able to see the total inside of it, not sure why they’re being so secretive. Kind of hard to purchase something without knowing all of the information.


Intrestingly, they’ve decided to go with Aluminum for the wheel gear. Weird choice IMO due to how alum can break down with cyclic fatigue loading.


Again, I wish there were more details here, but right now, there just aren’t.

The Hurricane Ultra has some of the most options I’ve seen in a prebuilt. Using their configurator, you can choose between several deck / truck combinations, including Bamboo, Carbon, and TKP / DKP.

I think it’s great to have these options available, and really cool to see Meepo bringing more light to the TKP truck. I do think there is something to be said for it being a crutch to stability versus a properly set up RKP, but hey, more options is cool.



Personally, I think both options look really cool, but I imagine the ride on the bamboo will be a good deal more comfortable.

With the Hurricane Ultra comes the option to get the new Cyclone Tubeless wheels, also designed by Linnpower. Technically you could buy these a little while ago, I think, but I haven’t seen any in the wild yet. I’m not really familiar with the benefits of tubeless tires, but one major one I can think of is no more pinch flats or valve stem failures! This is a great thing for sure, especially because with a tire like this, you can put some slime in and make it last even longer against small punctures. On the other hand, changing it in the field may be quite difficult, if it were to have a catastrophic failure.

Unfortunately we come to a small sticking point here. They seem to have decided against using P42a in this build, for whatever reason, and are switching to the Samsung 40T. With Samsung’s widespread reputation of not staying balanced for long, combined with the (alleged) lack of a balancing BMS, I do not have high hopes for the longevity of this new series of batteries. Alternatively for a cheaper price, you can get the 18650 version, Samsung 20R’s.

20R. SERIOUSLY, not even a 25R. That is like the most ancient cell you can find. Terrible discharge rate, and at 4p? WHEW I can’t imagine how crap that setup will be, terrible range and terrible sag.


This really isn’t very exciting, Meepo didn’t really make a big fuss about it, so I assume it’s safe to say that it may be the same ESC as the Hurricane?

Here we come to one of the most crazy things. You can get a Hurricane Ultra Bamboo setup for ONLY 1199 when spec’d out to the basic specs and non-useless battery

Speced out to something awesome, it comes in quite a bit higher, but still, quite reasonable. Evolve Hadean looking absurd right about now…

So, what do we think?

I think this new build is going to take the world by storm, Meepo has done it once again. Some concerns though:

Battery longevity: Samsung notorious for balancing drift.
Gear drive durability: completely unproven, and barely even unveiled.
Tubeless tires: Are they good? Who knows, can’t wait to try eventually

Am I gonna get one? Well, no, I can’t afford to buy one of these out of the blue, but if I was going to buy a prebuilt right now, I would seriously be stuck between this and the Barrel… Maybe if enough of you bug Meepo about it, I’ll be able to review one on my channel! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I would really like to take the gear drive apart though, it seems very cool, especially given that it also utilized shock-reduction tech in the wheel coupling.

Discuss below! Comments, concerns, etc!

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Great write up! I’m curious to see how this will stack up to eovan and their new gear driven board. Price for the basic version is absolutely nuts and as unproven as everything is I do hope to see this board perform well.

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Same! The price is incredibly competitive. Meepo has a huge volume advantage here, and utilization of existing parts / molds helps them out a lot.

I am concerned about the GD for sure, but we’ll see what happens, I guess. Would love to take one apart. Never heard of aluminum gears - I hope they’re at least case hardened

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I don’t expect to see all of their new products do well, I imagine at least one of the new additions (40t battery, gear drives, or airless wheels) is likely going to suck but I’m most interested in the price point, even if their gear drives become known for failure or their wheels, it would still be an option to spec out a solid board for cheap with all the configuration options. High hopes!

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Well hey, you can still get belt though! So it’s a pretty compelling option as a board anyway.

I think we will start to see battery issues in a year or so, or 6 months for the really heavy riders
@mariocontino has already done some battery replacements on the normal hurricane with P42a


Yep, only time will tell…


Pretty sure if this hopefully unlikely event occurs you would just throw a tube in like regular flats.

Definitely could be a huge ass mess, going to need gloves and a towel in the toolkit now.


Well the main thing with tubeless is you usually need tire irons to get the tire on

Personally I’d rather just carry an entire spare wheel


I love how they miss explaining and showing all the details of their ‘new’ parts, like the TKP setup and the gear drives. Classic Meepo.

I think the price point @1449 for the bamboo, tkp, cyclones, and 691 wh batt is pretty good for a production board. Other than that tho, you’re getting in the range of the lacroix barrel or telum which are arguably better at whatever they’re designed to do respectively.


I think at its orginal msrp listed on the site 1799 for the bamboo I’d be the barrel all day but the sale price is tempting.

I think my only argument for the barrel or anything vesc based at this price point would be is what type of user are you? Are you the buy once and done or are you going to carry parts forward, repair yourself and modify along the way. Also what are barrel ship times? Like 8 weeks plus?

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Isn’t the barrel closer to $2300 after shipping and taxes? The price/performance ratio for a gear-drive, 12s4p carbon fiber tkp prebuilt seems right on point IMO. The sale price seems exceptionally competitive in the market assuming the board doesn’t catch fire


It’s very good. Meepo will be putting pressure on the other companies, especially the smaller ones.

I wish Meepo had better customer service. Sent them an email a couple times with the last one 2 days ago. No response.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about, 12s4p 40t from a comparatively reputable (as far as China boards go) brand for $1200 definitely puts pressure on other brands, I’m curious to see how this will affect the pricing of competing boards such as eovan, Ownboard, tynee, etc.

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Hm. Yeah I’ve always heard that CS is a problem. Isn’t meepo starting to set up their US support base though?


This is definitely a step in the right direction for Chinese mass-produced boards. Being able to customize beyond just picking a wheel color or whatever is a nice perk, and their options are pretty good too. I’m sure these will sell very well.


2100 ish depending where in the US/CA you live. Carbon decks are plus or downside depending on personal preference. Sure it costs more than bamboo/maple decks but that’s highly subjective if its better.

Off-sale price I say its plus are really lead time and gear drive vs the barrel. I still wouldn’t buy it given that.To me i’d pay the extra 200-300 more for Vesc and versatility component wise .

On sale price I say it beats the barrel out imo. Hard justify 800ish more bucks.

I’d honestly say the biggest thing is this crushes anything else in the china board space. Zues, Evolve ect ect


On paper this is a game changer at the opening price point. Based on the success of the hurricane this will really hurt their competitors. Now offering local delivery and 12 month guarantees is and added bonus.

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Ooh a hurricane with flex and geardrive and tkp.

With regards to changing tyres are they not split rims?

And the 20r cells are higher discharge than 25r at 22a each. Poor capacity maybe. Guessing gear drives might limit the amps used to less than the old 100a esc to match the new 80a battery option?

I would imagine they’d have to be single piece, but I haven’t seen them up close yet. Not sure how else you’d be able to have tubeless wheels like this.

I don’t think they would make the esc worse but who knows. There are a lot of details left out I think