Meepo AWD Pro Upgrade

I would like to premise this build by listing my intended parts

Meepo AWD Deck
Trampa Carver DS enclosure from Eboardperu
x4 540w Meepo hubs
-I’m planning on using MR60 connectors for the phase wires
x2 Flipsky Dual 4.20 plus ESC’s
-w/ canbus connector I need to lengthen
-1 (or 2?) Antispark switch from Flipsky
12s6p 18650 battery pack (being created for me)
-w/ x2 XT60 outputs and charge only bms
-designed to fit case
VX2 remote and reciever

Uuuh, may I ask why? Did anyone recomend any of these parts to you

What is your goal for the build and what is your budget?


Make sure you select your items in a certain order.

I don’t think these will work together:


I wanted the Meepo AWD Pro as a base but with a bit more power for hills and good range. Not all of these parts together, but parts here and there. I didn’t want to spend over $2,400

You might be right, but I know those enclosures are flexible. I’m mostly certain the measurements cut out to not be too wide or to long. I was thinking I just need a good weather seal to help the enclosure to conform to the deck.

Oh also, at this time, I like the idea of hub motors, for thier easy of maintaince, stealth, and quietness. I’m a university student and riding around on campus a lot. Also carrying the board around a lot as well.

With a budget like that you shouldn’t buy anything from Meepo lol. (Unless you really want a hub board, but with that budget you could get loaded hubs which I hear are superior)

Do you want a 4WD street board, or just a powerful street board for hills?


Flipsky has a terrible track record for ESCs. A retro maker x is cheap and good, or the bkb zenith would be a good choice for a hub board imo.

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just leaving this here :slight_smile:

Meepo 4wd hubs with FS 4.2/4.12 vescs


I don’t think I have access to that page

Thank you! I will look into those. But first I didn’t the bkb zenith is out of stock a lot of places

You could say my priority is powerful street board for hills, but preferably a hub or direct drive

I apologize, I was wrong. My budget is $1600

Then Meepo hubs are probably the right choice.

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4wd Meepo hubs will be fun! I’ve owned the original Meepo AWD and then a hybrid Meepo 4wd on 150mm bergs.

I recommend a 10s battery if you’re sticking with your ESC choice. I’m not sure how well the hubs will hold up on 12s either??

Flipsky vescs hold up fine with the pretty low currents they will see with the meepo hubs. 25A battery and 35A to 40A motor gives you plenty of power with 4wd. Just be sure to add a TVS diode to the input of your vescs

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I run a very similar build for a few months now
4wd 100mm hubs on a 12s5p 30q battery and flipsky VESC 4

Since the hubs don’t need that much power per Motor anyway flipsky VESC are completely fine.
25A battery and up to 45A motor should not overload them.

Of douse if you have the money to spare maker X makes better VESC that are even smaller than than flipsky 4.20


What’s the purpose of TVS diode? Into the positive line coming from the battery to the ESC?

Are there any other major parts that I need?

They’re certainly much better with lower currents (and especially since @Blise518B has experience with a very similar build) but I still really don’t trust them, and they don’t do well with 12S. I’ve blown one out after a week of very mild riding on a small motor at 10S and they really have every corner cut

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