MBS Matrix iii (3) discussion

Ok, so who makes some uber soft bushings for the m3? Or is there a way to cut a bushing thinner so itll flex easier?
I’ve got a stack of hypertruck bushings to play with, anyone know what needs to be cut on them to fit?

Do you have the white MBS bushings already?

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I do, but they are too stiff for my needs.
Got any idea how to make them softer?

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Unfortunately I’m no help there. I thought I had seen some people modifying Riptide Lacroix bushings to fit by trimming the top off a bit. Not sure how the softest Riptides would compare to the white MBS bushings

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Often bushings can be made to me less resistant by cross drilling them. Be sure not to intersect the preload pin hole though. This is a mod to Lacroix and can work in others, see attached
Screenshot 2024-02-12 091153
Lacroix bushing 031319 FLEX MOD rev b.pdf (17.2 KB)


You are the man!!! Thanks Brad!!! After doing a little more research i find the m3 use a fairly stiff compound for their “soft” i have some blue riptide bushings I’m going to give a shot. Any advice for adapting the riptide/lacroix to the m3 trucks?

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I have not looked into doing that but I have a set of m3’s to take a look at.


You would need to make them flat at the top since the riptides are angled for hypertrucks. Someone tried it already, I forget who.

Have you tried riding the white MBS bushings on the inside position? Makes a huge difference in comparison to outside.

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I was under the impression the bushings were fit to the inside from factory? I’ll have to look into it more

The 420mm trucks have whites in inside pos (crazy carvey). The 400mm trucks have whites in outside pos (more stable - less carvey). Very roughly speaking inside positions seem to be good without bindings. Outside positions best with bindings. Outside position for rear truck / inside position for front truck is a good combo for speed/stability.

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Aus stock should be back available soon.

I did it to a set but imo the stock MBS felt better and I didn’t need to mess around as much tuning the truck.

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I have to say that I am thrilled with the Matrix III, no comparison to Matrix II, they feel very good and stable. I have the 420mm version with 70mm axles. With the white shock blocks in the inner position, it’s crazy at slow speed! So far I have only tried the trucks without motors, white shock blocks on the outside. I can’t wait to ride the board electrically!

I’m going to switch to the red shock blocks, which I also used with Matrix II but I’m wondering if that’s comparable to the red shock blocks from Matrix II. @MBS or should I order orange ones?

For those who want to remove the stock axles forget to try it without blow torch :joy:

Here a comparison to Matrix II


yeah took like a minute of mini cullinary torch per axle for me to get it off

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Rich, stop. You’re making me add things to carts :joy:

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Do it!


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They’re fantastic. Buy them. Now.

he has that effect on people

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