Maximum weight for a battery for a mountainboard

Lol, I switched to a motorcycle helmet a few months ago. The TSG Pass looks nice but I prefer the added protection of a moto helmet.


I have to english here but yes my first language is french from Quebec not french from europe is very diffrent.

I like both style but the motocycle helmet is heavier l think ?

It is. However I don’t mind/feel the extra weight and the protection foam is at least twice as thick.
Also ventilation is better.

Price for bell ?

Its 3:40am :sleeping:

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I definitely second that and even better if it is ECE 22.05 certified :slight_smile:

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I paid 159€ here.
Check fortnine in Canada.
It is. It is also MIPS.

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@taz better safe than hurt :wink: I am set hehe

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12s20p is the max max max acceptable to Always be able to ride, but I think 12s10/12p is still good/cool enought to ride more “freely” if I can Say.
Sorry just Quick reply to you, I havent even read the topic or what it is about :upside_down_face:


Depend on what you use, lipo is not heavy compare to lifepo4 cells. What is the weight of your 12s20p ? My battery pack including the box is 22lbs

Not bad for carriyng the battery if l split the pack but its about 8lb and its not so fun to remove and reinstall everytime

I meant power your board from the backpack, or at least run part of the battery from there like a range extender.

Nah l already try that 3years ago you lost power of adding 5 feet of wire also

Lost power? It’s electricity, if your wire gauge is right there’s not much resistance, and in your instance charging a smaller onboard pack, so your ESC wouldn’t know any different.

The weight of 10-8 gauge about (2 pounds) wire is very heavy and because of that the xt90.was always disconnected while riding also my new back pack worth 200$ so its the greatest idea to drill a hole to pass the wire :joy:

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No worries, just saying @Chibatterysystems and I’m doing it successfully if you wanted some ideas. It’s not like you’ll be doing jumps with it so it’s more of an ATB anyway.


just cruising most of the time and carving as a workout :joy: l would like to see your system or a riding video as well

I don’t have a camera yet, but post metr logs and short reports most days in the R.E.D. thread.

The build from the start:

Current backpack config:

I switch between LiPo and LiFePO4, but have been hammering the LiFe more lately because better range.

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