MakerX DV6 Users Thread

I’ve finally gotten around to fully reviewing the MakerX DV6. In short, it’s a great option in the ESC market, coming in at a low cost compared to competition, and offering equal or better performance than competitors.

The point of this thread is to educate all forum users, new or old, about this ESC. Share your experiences, reviews you find, whatever you like. Troubleshoot, etc.

Here’s my review, check it out!

If you have feedback on my review or something to tell me or suggest, feel free to PM me, always looking to improve.

One thing that I should make note of is that if you want to change the firmware on the ESC you gotta flash the bootloader. If you look through my other videos, I go through that process in my DV6 setup video.



My guy has better audio while riding his board than some others have in their studio lol. Great job!


When you’re monitoring temps during the ride are you looking down at a davega or is there a phone mounted somewhere or what? Can’t tell where you’re getting your real-time info

My DV6 cuts out and I’ve stopped using it because I consider it dangerous.
Been trying to send it back but the address I was given seems to be unrecognised by shipping companies I’ve tried.
I’ve had no response from the vendor since finding this out.
It was one of the first ones.


Does it cutout as in turn off completely or as in u didnt program it right in the vesc tool because mines works perfectly fine.

It cuts out with impacts or shock after a jump or rough ground.
It’s settup fine. (I’ve done a few in my time.:joy:)


Hmm, idk thats odd it shouldnt be doing that maybe totally make sure ur antispark or loopkey setup is properly connected and siliconed together so that wont potentially cause a cutout. I ride over shitty city streets all the time and those impacts and bumps never did a cutout for me. Could simply be a defective vesc but not to sure tho.


Thank you so much! I take pride in my production quality

When I’m talking as I ride, I am looking down at my Maytech V2 remote because it has full info displayed live on it. :slight_smile:

Yeah this is one of the things I knew about, really kind of a bummer. I sent one thing back to them, but the whole address didn’t quite fit in the shipping spaces. No idea if @YUTW123 ever received it. It never got returned to sender.

Sorry to hear that, I haven’t heard from them at all recently either.

Could be this, @BigBen have you attempted to disassemble it? Could be something shorting onto the heatsink in a non-lethal way


Yeah, it’s all put together correctly.
I switched it out for a xenith and all the problems went away.

The addresses didn’t exist when I checked on all the mapping programs I tried. :man_shrugging:

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Oh boi I didn’t know it could display stuff like that at all, I’m having another look at the info now. Have you had any reliability issues with it?

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Yeah… China addresses are weird. Their location was like inside of a “tech business park” or something like that

I can’t remember exactly. It’s a shame they weren’t more helpful with figuring it out. Someone on my video commented that their experience with CS was good though. Super hit or miss.

Yeah I love the remote, in theory.

If you live anywhere with high signal interference, it’s a bad time. It would be perfect besides that part. The ride I did the other day I had cutouts on an entire road, and then in a couple other select spots.

Other rides I’ve done it’s been perfectly fine

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Great vid @ShutterShock

I’ve got two Maker X ESC, A DV6 and a Mini FOC Plus.

I did encounter issues with the DV6 when I tried to do some fancy shit and by that I mean set it up so it could run a Davega, Puck and Robogotchi as opposed to just a VX2 remote.

Telemetry data coming from one of the ESC CAN’s was sketchy and the VESC wizard to get the Puck configured wouldn’t run. I was getting error messages telling me that the CAN firmware was out of sync even though it wasn’t. I then ended up going down a rabbit hole of updating the firmware directly on each CAN and then again from the primary USB :man_shrugging:. Whatever I did it’s working now and I’m too scared to touch it in case I break something…


So cool that in addition to @Lee_Wright , we have another actual DIY guy channel now. Love it!


That’s disappointing. Won’t be buying any more of their stuff going forward.

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well least u had a xenith as a backup. My xeniths are my pride and joys

Hit and miss I say, I’ve done over 500KM on one of my units with no issues. On my DV6 I’m up to about 100KM with no cutouts or overheating.

Would I buy another… probably…

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needs a reflow, and mount it to some foam.


I have an original dual v4 and an unused DV4, but I’d rather spend money with a company that doesn’t ghost quality dudes.

Yeah right now on mine I’ve got my Maytech V2 on one UART and then the Metr Pro on the other

I don’t think I’ll be putting anything else on it but for my MTB I’ll probably pick up another DV6 and put a UART remote, DavegaX and iLogger on it.

Woohoo stay tuned for more! I’ve got lots of videos in my queue.

I mean like I mentioned, nothing comparable beats the price at this moment in time. Until Xenith are back in stock I think it’s the best option

Yeah, I mean if you buy it expecting no support it’s one thing. Unfortunately it’s a shot in the dark if this or Flipsky is better at CS haha


The idea of this one was it was mounted to a heat sink. I’m sure there are good ones. Just sharing my experiences.