Maker-X Go-FOC DV4 (upgraded version) ----- Most Affordable Dual Drive ESC

Already had a chat with @MartinSp, he has been great at explaining me.

We’ll do some troubleshooting together, and eventually send it over for repair.

I’ll update once I know more


Tried bldc sensored 5.2 firmware, no errors as long as i keep motor under 45a, as soon as set 50 a motor i get the drv error

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If you ever find the out what the problem is, let us know! I have a TB 4.12 with a similar issue. Works fine up to 30A. Anything over gives a DRV fault. Replacing the DRV and mosfets did not solve it. I think there is some problem with the current sensing resistors or gate resistors, but those test fine as well.

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Have you been using it successfully?

No, I dont think its usable as is. Something component is definitely bad and needs to be replaced before I’d feel comfortable riding on it

One of the capacitor leads blew… Is bad isn’t it…


So, for those of you who are interested, I put new capacitors (same size for now, but Maker is sending me some bigger ones) and with the help of @YUTW123 we seem to have kind of resolved the issue.

He suggested me to use a version of the 5.3 firmware that os designed for the DV4, as a result, I can now run 30a batt 80a motors (each side), the only problem I have now is occasional abs current faults, but let’s not forget, is a Mountainboard and I have 20/66 ratio.

The only main difference I noticed with the recommended firmware, is a considerable less snappy/torquey startup compared to when I uploaded the 5.3 non DV4 firmware, but despite that, I can start well from a quite steep hill, but unfortunately I don’t experience wheel spinning on grass/gravel anymore.

David from MakerX has been very patient and helpful with my issue, he is knowledgeable and a nice guy overall, that’s the main reason why I ordered a DV6, that and more power :rofl:


Love hearing stuff like this! Yet another reason Maker-X has risen to be one of the very best ESC makers right now.


Thanks @YUTW123 for the excellent customer service.

I have finally managed yo ship the damaged dv4 and after a quick inspection he issued me a refund.

I see every day well established European companies having nowhere near this level of honesty and customer service.

Ah, and If you shipping from Uk to China, avoid DPD Local at all cost :rofl:


Very cool of you to follow up and close the loop! This makes me even happier that I own four VESCs from Maker-X.