Looking for someone to help put a board together for me uk

So based in uk and really struggling with the final steps of my board wanted to know if could send the parts to someone in the uk for a small fee and they can put it together for me

Thank you in advance please pm me if you can

We can give you step by step instructions on how to finish, you’ll be more proud knowing you did it yourself

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what parts have you got and where you at with the build?

Also where in uk are you based?

Based in London

Have just had a couple problems with the vesc tool and with wire lengths And so on

Also the build is on a build thread

Also I would trade the drive train of his setup for any decent pair of direct drives or hubs

If you can solder, I’m sure you can work out an arrangement to FaceTime someone to guide you through everything. I’d be willing to do that but no promises I know much

It’s not only soldering it’s just in general I keep messing up something

That describes me and I’m sure a lot of others. There’s also the possibility of just buying a prebuilt and enjoy focusing on riding instead of the frustrations of building for now.


But no way that I have the parts I want a build

I would swap these parts for someone else’s build

But need someone who is willing

I can just second @BillGordon suggestion. DIY is not for everyone the right thing. Some things need time to learn and understand and for some things you just need to have the right hands.
I think and believe that you can manage your own build but you should also start practicing the things you can’t do well enough yet.
One thing to consider is that even if someone will put you a board together, you will need to maintain that board in future. Things break and need to replaced etc. if you can’t do this you always depend on others.
Getting a prebuilt board is not a bad thing! As min you will have your fun and actually drive. If something broke during warranty the company will repair it for you or change it. Easy thing, happy life.


Thank you


I was very nervous when I had accrued dozens of skate parts for my first build and didn’t want to F any of them up.

You gotta do it sometime though. It teaches you a lot about the mechanics of the board and there is low risk of catastrophic failure.

Mechanically, look at any builds similar to yours. Save photos of their drive trains for assembly reference. Don’t over tighten any of the bolts until you’re ready for the maiden voyage.

If it’s going to push you many mphs down the road, it can handle a little assembly!


K then before I have my maiden voyage I need help with a couple things

How tight should he belt be

If I am using one idler should it be at the top or bottom of the mount

Does this look ok

I tighten the belt so that I can’t wiggle it more than 2ish mm in either sideways direction on the larger, wheel pulley. This has been working great for me.

When you rotate the wheels by hand in both directions, does the belt move right or left? It should stay pretty central on the pulley. Your setup looks good from what I can see.

Yeah so I think doesn’t wiggle much but it’s is still quite stiff as in much harder then spinning it free hand

That is ok and normal??

I would recommend different motor hardware. Allen heads are much less likely to get stripped.
You’ll be really unhappy if you get one of those current ones stuck in the motor.

It shouldn’t be so tight that its hard to turn.

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