Loaded x unlimited

Has anyone used the unlimited hubs in a DIY?

I like the idea of having hubs with otang thane, but they look like they aren’t sensored? I remember there was a thread on the kits when they were first released but it seems to have disappeared…

Some feedback would be good before i drop hundreds of dollars


Just from experience with unsensored hubs, hummie hubs, I don’t see how it is an issue and have had no problems… maybe hummie put some voodoo magic in them but they work really well.

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Just get hummie hubs tbh


I currently have a kut-thaka build with LoadedxUnlimited hubs. They’re just sitting on my desk as ornaments atm…

They’re definitely un-sensored and I only road them with their proprietary esc which didn’t allow acceleration at a dead stop.

I am pairing them with a Unity, just need to get my ass off and finish the build.


Yeah the problem with that statement is…

You can’t just get hummie hubs. They are rarer than fucking hens teeth.


Yes I’m wondering how they run on a vesc based esc rather than the proprietary one.

How was the ride feel on them compared to other hubs?

Hummie is currently making a batch


Thane felt pretty good and I liked them over all. That was before the Orangatang conversion though. Only other hubs I’ve ridden were wowmeepgowns and the ride feel on those were total dog shit terrible in comparison.

Hopefully I’ll have something running by the end of this month.

Edit: Correction, I’ve ridden Exway hubs and they felt comparable. Leaning more towards Exway, but just ever so slightly in ride quality.


Yeah and if they are available off the shelf, I will buy a set. But in the meantime, and for the future, it would be nice to know of good, reliable hubs that can be purchased at any time.

These unlimited hubs tick a lot of boxes. Loaded aren’t going out of business any time soon. The otang sleeves should be pretty reliable and a nice(ish) ride, and also easily replaceable… and perhaps my favorite part; they can be used on any truck.

Im talking myself into it…

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My main reason of buying them was compatibility with 150mm trucks. Using anything longer on a kut-thaka looked stupid as hell and I wanted to use Aera Rf1’s with em. :wink:

Yeah fair call. Ive got 180 indy tkps on my kanthaka and they do look a bit weird… also need massive risers to stop wheel bite.

Says the guy who just scored a pair of apparently unused ESCape. :angry: :grin:


they were still in the bubble wrap and the box they were originally sent in :metal:


See… you never know. You might find some mounted on an ollin deck collecting dust somewhere.
I am so jealous.

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it’s true. but I see the hummies like the escapes. if i ever get a set, it will be a one off, not something that I can rely on and come back to.

I’d like to be able to regularly build for customers with products that I know I can get on demand. Unfortunately, I don’t think the hummies fall into that category at the moment. and even if they do in the future, that is the high end of the market. some people won’t pay that much… most people won’t pay that much.

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How about the MAD ? I did not test them but from what i read they are interesting. Otherwise, I’d probably look into direct drives, at least you’d have better urethane wheel options.

Not interested at all in direct drive… i value clearance.


have you tried meepo 100mm hubs?
Extra thane, and pretty good reviews so far.
I have the 90mm on the meepo v3 atm and they’re alot better than the v2’s hubs

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Yeah they’re not too bad…

They are not rarer than a new Carvon motors