Little FOCer! 84V 5kW VESC-Based Controller

I usually throw that stuff on a git repo

I tried reading the documentation but didn’t see anything. Do you know how to enable the uFL connection for an external antenna?

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So…are you wanting the NRF source code? The hex file I provided should work if you just reflash the NRF with it

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V3.0 stock case FOCer export step.STEP (11.0 MB)


Looks like they’re in stock,no?

Roll to start?

Sorry, that hex file got me back up and running! I’ve noticed that the connection can be a little shaky. There’s a connection for an external antenna, but I don’t know how to enable it.

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Just sharing my other dual focer project (16s) after a success on my dual focer (20s) on my ebike build!


Oh I understand now. It’s actually a slight hardware change. You gotta move a super tiny resistor to “enable” the antenna connector. I didn’t know this was the case when I first went to use this module.

The BT connection is weakened by metal surroundings and/or close proximity to the motor. Maybe there’s a way to mitigate that in your build

it uses a latching switch

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I’m having some weirdness with my focer and I suspect its the firmware, but I’m not 100% sure so I’m here. As we know, FW5.3 has funky motor detection values, and with my ebike I’m having some weirdness. On hard acceleration, my motor feels like its starting to shake and there isnt as much torque. Similar thing happens when I’m near 90% duty cycle and the amperage is lower. This kinda crosses off motor saturation off the list. I also tried rerunning motor detection while the motor was warmer but it made zero difference. Is there something I’m missing that’s specific to bike motors? I dont want to go back to 5.2 because I really wanna use field weakening.


Phase filters disabled?

Whatever is default in firmware, so I think they are on. I should try with filtering off?

Yeah, having it enabled seems to be an issue with some ESCs that don’t physically have phase filters. Worth a shot.

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We’re handling it offline. I’ll post our discoveries after we’ve figured it out!


Filtering was not the issue, but me and @shaman are going to investigate.

Does little focer v3+ have integrated anti-spark switch?

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My understanding is that it’s an integrated sleep / super low power mode, switched by the latching switch

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No antispark. Just the on/off function controlled by a latching switch.

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Are there any protections to prevent the latching switch from fusing in the “off” state?

What u recommend for adding an anti spark switch? I’d always used xt90s but want to go w button. These little user things are good for the simple folk.

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