Lights for dark routes?


Daylight savings completely sucks for me as I like to ride in the evenings and not all the places I’d like to ride are well illuminated. I am looking for tips for two separate things;

  1. Something practical that can be affixed to my helmet, I am currently working with a light that is simply not bright enough. It is pictured here:

  2. Something I can mount in my backpack. I may have found something about as good as I can get in this realm, portable construction lights I bought for basketball, but take a look and let me know:


I run one of these on my helmet and have never needed anything else. If you need full brightness, you wanna keep your ride under 1hr tho :sweat_smile:

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my parent just got quite injured from their bike’s light cutting off and they had a good tumble.

Worth paying for something you can trust.

I picked up these on Amazon

  1. XML-T6 LED flashlight 2X for $18 CAD (3xAAA or 18650 cell)
  2. The visibility lights 2x for $25 CAD

Planning on putting one or both of a flashlight on my board after I 3D print a holder.

The lights are really bright and if you look directly at them, they hurt your eyes. The visibility light, I tested them in strobe mode and gave up after 3+ hours!

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I’ve been happy with this guy on my helmet visor

This one is board lights and then I turn on the head lamp.

One thumb screw to remove and it doesn’t feel awkward.