Let there be ESK8 lights

Bit late to answer but my experience with these is that they’re fragile af, and if you’re unlucky enough to pinch near the supply point, the whole thing dies. You do not want to put any weight on these

I finished the Shredlights bullbar mount for the Acedeck. There’s no way they would droop down with this. Not universal since I don’t own any other bullbar setups. I revised it a few times because it was too much filament waste in the support. The elongated bottom hole is to angle the light up or down just a bit. Let me know if you want me to edit it to fit your bars, just need the diameter and distance between the bars.

There’s also the ziptie one that should be able to hold tighter than the Shredlights handlebar mount. Just put on some rubber :wink:

Shredlight Ziptie Mount


Im looking hard at this little number.

From what ive read so far, i can wire it through to the BMS discharge? This is the bms in there

I cant seem to work out what the discharge of the bms is i dont know what, if any converter i need to run the lights… what am i not getting here?

You will still need a buck converter to drop the voltage.


Does anyone know if buck converters can produce flyback voltage spikes when you turn them off?

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Hey everyone, I got an led light strip and a buck converter with me, but I don’t know where I wire everything up to so that it runs off of the board battery. I’ve heard the discharge port on the BMS works but I don’t know which port that is.

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Upload a hi-res photo of your BMS if you still need help.

Be warned that wiring “bypass” like this makes it possible to kill your battery (permanently) if you leave the board on by accident.


did someone use something like this ? It holds on the hanger by a rubber band around the pivot, I’m sceptical on what it does to the bushings and if it could prevent the trucks to turn fully


I’ve used crap like this. Doesn’t hurt the trucks at all but they fly off after a couple bumps and they’re made of hopes and dreams.

Yeah It broke after litteraly four minute of riding

The kick to activate light switch is just about my favorite part of the build.