Let there be ESK8 lights



Finally made some shredlight mounts for my Trampa bullbars.

I used to mount them right on the truck, but it’s was too low and the beam angle sucked.


clean, i would do the same if they werent hardwired

So for these lights to be hardwired, can I run them at 12V? I need them to run at the same voltage as my underlight led strip…!
Any other suggestions for 12V front and rear lights?

So I got this guy to get the 12V for my lights:

I’m planning on using a 3way(on-off-on) switch after it to be able to have front&back lights on or front&back + underglow led strip disco mode🤣

So the question is, do I hardwire the buck convertor to the battery (I dont want another switch for it), or use an xt60 inside the enclosure in order to be able to disconnect it for long periods and not kill my battery?
And what about sparking when I connect it? I read about it here… Any chance of it harming the buck (or most importantly) my battery?

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How are you powering your ESC? Are you using a loopkey or some active switch mechanism?

No loopkey. I relly on my Unity powered straight from the battery through an XT90s.

You may find the Universal Power Switch (UPS) useful. It was made so that you can power other devices like lights on/off automatically at the same time as the Unity. I dont have any in stock at the moment but I should be restocking soon


Wow, that’s pretty cool! Is there a thread for that thing? Can it work with a stormcore? Does it use CAN-bus?

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So if I get this right, I can connect my three way switch where the TTL module would be (as the schematic shows) and run my lights only when the Unity is switched on.
And when it’s off, there is no current draw from my battery?
Looks very promising!


People who timestamp videos are the best people :star_struck: