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Leiftech VESC swap guide/help thread. I will make another one for SBX when someone asks for help.

We gotta be more organized with the help we give.


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For anyone confused about the L3x leiftech battery.

each side is a 7S3P. if you combine two in parallel it is 7S6P, with degraded 2.2ah cells it might have 12Ah total. test it.

This sounds cool, I actually picked up a leiftech recently for next to nothin with this idea. Got discouraged and distracted when I hit the first few hurdles taking the bitch apart.

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here is an easy way to expand the height of the ESC cover. (take heatsink off,weight savings unless using cfocers on leif hs)

however long screw and foam, you feel is needed.

prob a good idea to use tape over screws to prevent the the foam moving and the battery getting screwed somehow. there is velcro from the lid to the pack so it should not shift while riding.

slightly weird how well that lined up.