Legit AliExpress vendors

Can’t believe there isn’t a list already. Post legitimate AliExpress/Alibaba Banggood retailers here. My pov AUD can’t afford real shit, and nkon isn’t posting to Australia atm.

Putting this one done as an unreliable vendor!

AU $416.89 | Raptor 2/2.1 36V 10Ah 10S4P electric skateboard lithium ion battery pack for Electric longboard

This maytech vesc has well has a poor record




since you mentioned nkon i can only assume you are trying to source batteries. Avoid aliexpress for batteries, almost all listings are fake cells. The ones that aren’t fake, the prices are the same as you would pay from a local source.

Alibaba on the other hand is a different story


If this is the case, you should be saving more money. The poor man pays twice.


For bolts, this place is the best:

Seller Info


(Thanks for the better link, Quinn!)

Fastest shipper I’ve found on AliExpress by far, and they add an allen wrench to your order. Nice touch.


Alibaba is a lot of the same vendors, prices are higher on AliExpress as they have to pay 8% commission, Alibaba is cheaper as lots of minimum qty orders. Sometimes vendors will use different store names but mostly same stuff

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yes yes yes, I can actually afford cool shit however this is a forum, and has room for this convo.
I’ve been building shit since 2016, back when it was alllllll cheap shit. even the expensive shit potter was selling was cheap shit.
One of my first builds was with a 6s FVT esc for no other reason than the vesc wasn’t invented yet.


I only use AliExpress for fish paper, nickel strip, battery chargers and other random incidentals that go into an eSk8 build. Although I’m moving away from them and only shopping local. Better support and service.

Quality skate stuff is expensive, I have a hard time swinging purchase orders for dirt bikes every few years although the good thing about this hobby is you can buy high end stuff over a long period of time and keep it on the down low :rofl:

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have you bought 100% nickel strip on there?
Vendor please.
Yes, aliexpress banggood is mostly bullshit, and you probably will get burnt buying from there.
Which is why if you have had success, please list the vendor. :confused:

Good belts with fast shipping: Anna Transmission Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress 

Pure 99.6% Genuine Nickel, VERY LONG SHIPPING TIME LITERALLY MONTHS: Steel City Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress 

Fishpaper, cell holders, other stuff (not BMS): IC GOGOGO Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress 

Largeish qty silicone wire: blusun solar kit Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress 


I have to disagree on this. The sellers on alibaba that sell genuine samsung/sony/LG cells do not sell on aliexpress. Maybe a few do, but at their prices you may as well buy locally. Reps from Efest, LOZD, shenzhen IMR have told me they do not sell on aliexpress.

Back when I was sourcing cells, I bought 3 batches of 30qs from aliexpress from the top 3 sellers. All of them were fake. They read ~3000mah capacity on your typical battery charger sure, but hook them up to an electronic load and pull 15A from them, they will overheat and reach EOC prematurely.

This is specifically in regards to battery cells. I’m sure it is as you say for other types of goods.


Sorry, i thought you were specifically talking about cells.

There is heaps of good shit on aliexpress to be had for cheap.

I tend to look at units sold vs feedback on whatever it is i’m looking for. If it has a large amount of units sold with reasonably good reviews, they’re pretty much a good seller.

I’ve ordered thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of shit of aliexpress over the last couple of years and have never been disappointed.

Don’t just shoot for the cheapest price you can find.


Try finding a local hardware store that specializes in supplying contractors and electricians. Last week I got 12 m5 bolts for pulleys and 6 bolts for the motor mounts for $2 and i didn’t have to wait months for it.


Anything M in the states is outrageous at local stores most of the time

Finding the specific spots can be hard - you have to go to somewhere like Marshalls Industrial Hardware where I live for reasonable selection and prices

Who knows what it’s like where Bill is


I live in Singapore, so stuff sent from China gets to me quickly, and the local hardware guys are pretty much dicks.

This shop is great for me.


Excellent points.

Big hardware stores in the US are ungodly expensive. And shipping from china can take forever.

But to Singapore… Makes sense.

I like that I can bring in my parts and say “help me find bolts for this” give a local company a few bucks and then I don’t have to spend hours thinking about sizes (because I’m obsessive) and such only to order the wrong things…

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Way better link! (Edited above.)


I’m pretty sure these are the official YZPower and LLT stores, received both in two weeks, which was pretty impressive for free shipping at this time and given the fact the charger has customizable connectors.



I’ve broken 2-3 of these belts in the last 3-4 weeks, definitely possible my setup is causing some of those issues but has anyone else got experience with these belts and/or have other recommendations?


And your pulleys aren’t sharp or grub screw poking up?

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