Lamboardhini | Hummie | 10S1P | 149KV | Boa 100

I wanted a powerful lowrider and to have zero range anxiety and here is the birth log of Lamboardhini.
It’s a lot of DIY… just the way I like it :grin:

These are the parts I had to work/rework with.

Deck: Hummie
Trucks: Boardnamics 220
Motor mounts: Dickyho long mounts
Pulleys: 17/36
Wheels: Boa 100mm
Battery: 10S1P 25Ah NMC pouch
ESC: Unity
Motors: SK3 6374 149kv
Bluetooth: Metr Pro
Remote: VX1
Enclosure: Yes… raw without paint
Charger: WATE

Ok let’s go…

Hummi deck arrives, unfortunately with some nasty manufacturing defects.

In fact I could run a 1,5cm knife blade along the side :confounded:.
I filled up the cracks with epoxi and had it pressed over night.

To fit the battery I had to widen the pre-routed hole with 0,5cm on each side. I used a wooden stick as a guide for my hand router.

I only routed the part necessary for the battery to keep the deck integrity as much as possible. A shout out to @Pedrodemio whos build thread at builders was very inspiring (actually he told me not to go on with this :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:). How is your deck holding up btw?

After routing… cells fit… che bello! :ok_hand:

After a simple test fit of the motors and mounts with the trucks drop through, I realized the motors were sitting too close to the ground for my comfort. I think it was barely 2cm clearance.

I had a 3D model of the build and played around bit and decided to route a hole for the baseplates to gain at least 0,5cm extra clearance.

Masked out where to cut

No turning back after this

I didn’t want to accidentally cut too much with the router so in the end I used a dremel to get the corners right. It took some time but it was very satisfying to see the end result.


Now I’m at amazing 2,5cm clearance. How about that… well still not enough for me because I care for my motors :smiling_face:

I reshaped that hummie ass to allow raising the mounts even more and also to avoid the having the motors touch the deck when turning hard

4cm motor clearance now :ok_hand:

As probably everyone knows by now, these mounts are notorious for not staying in place (at least the long mounts with a heavy motor). Or maybe the ring adapters I got is made of a 50/50 butter/aluminium mix. That set screw is just cutting its way and the motor mounts drop for each crack in the ground I pass.

To prevent this, I measured twice what angle I wanted the mounts to be in and drilled a hole for the set screw.

:confounded:… I should have measured three times instead of two. Well at least the motors are are not going anywhere now.

The cross bars/ torque bars are M3 rods with some nuts and washers. Works great I believe. Very cheap.

The dickyho press fit pulleys were super loose in the boa wheels. I put some shrink tube on them to make them stay in place.

They came with these white plastic thingies. They could not fit the holes in the boa wheels.

I made my own out of cable insulation. This is very Macgyver but at least the pulleys are now centered and zero wobbling exists.

The motors are SK3 with open CAN, which means the will get all kinds of crap on the windings and eventually break them. Therefore they need some protection

They also got all bearings replaced.

…and some cable sleeves… and MT30 connectors

I bought a broken used Unity where I bypassed the antispark circuitry to get it running.

…added heat plate to the unity to give it some extra thermal mass

I wanted to build some drop through plates protecting the board so I sketch the outlines on a papper

…then drilled holes in to the plate and lining up my drawing

…I thought the easiest way would be to drill out the gap instead of using a saw.

…oh sweet lord

…but they came out pretty nice in the end

The battery is made of 10 pouch cells in series. Two stacks of 5 with a thin foam in between each cell.

… cell tabs screwed together using a bent metal band.

I modelled a piece to hold the tabs in and battery in place… well mostly because I got a 3D printer and I wanted to used it :laughing:

I had my first prints being all spaghetti before I got the hang of it.

On the bottom side there is a 1mm foam layer and a 1mm aluminum shield for extra protection.

Routing the wires for everything was a nightmare. It took forever until I could make any progress from this state.

Finally the layout started to become clear

Wires for charging was tested at charging current to see how warm they got. They became about body temperature after a couple of minutes which is a pass in my book :nerd_face:

3D printed a xt30 charge port holder which also holds the XT90 connector for the loopkey

For the enclosure mold I took a piece of wood and two smaller pieces to get the correct height I needed

…cut into segments to get the correct shape

…sanded down and added a thingy where the wires will come out

…used tape to get rid of sharp edges.

…getting dirty

…two layers of fibreglass cloth

The shape was perfect but it felt a bit flimsy. Should have done 3 layers. After some sanding of the lip it was only 1mm thick :grimacing:

I reinforced the edges to get it more rigid.


smoothed the surface a bit

Adding inserts… always a horrifying experience

Adding a thin foam gasket (keeps dust out… and lets water in :man_facepalming:)

Cutting some washers out of rubber to protect the enclosure.


…(before deck was routed out for the baseplates. Should be 0,5cm more clearance than this)

For grip I bought a role of anti slip tape… its like 5euro for 5m. Why make it complicated? :joy:

…ok lets make it complicated :laughing:
I 3D printed a rhomb to use as a stencil when cutting out tape pieces

A lot of cutting grip tape. My knife was not happy.

One could get really creative

I was thinking of a space theme… with a rocket and stars…

…but i don’t like rockets so settled on this grip design

So here it is…

I had to add idlers because of belt slip when flooring it.

And then I got hit by a car and the deck cracked… :sob:
To be continued…


Deck has been going through some plastic surgery :sunglasses:


:eyes: :thinking:

Excellent documentation, photography, and story telling! You’ve got me hooked for the return of the deck.


Very nice build and great job capturing the process of the build, fun read! Hope the fixed deck will hold up :crossed_fingers:


tldr, but this is 10/10


Epic build. Love the level of DIY in here, some really nice solutions to problems you hit along the way. Great work!


Love this build dude! Props on that motor clearance. I’m gonna have to do that for my TB build. Same deal, always cringing when going up and down curbs.
Many of those diy components must have been so satisfying to implement and see how they improved the overall design. Interesting battery, what made you decide to go with the pouches?


Could always go with the extra long mounts and having the motors above the top of the deck


We live in the same town! Should ride someday. :slight_smile:
Where were you hit? I’ve never had any trouble with traffic so far in GBG


I always thought this looked really neat. +1


Epic build


It’s comming… although I seem to have documented it poorly :pensive:

yea I have noticed a few rocket lovers in here. Figured I should share a nice design :grin:

It’s might be a consequence of being slightly on the cheap side… I won’t lie :laughing:

Yes it feels good ticking off one issue at a time. Takes time though… but its by far the fun part in all this.
I had @baein to bring up a lot of issues with. Kudos to him for sticking out with my complaints… but it goes both ways I believe :wink:

That would make it not pleasing for my eye unfortunately.

The thought has crossed my mind… lets see if there will ever be sun again :grin:

I got hit after Hisingsbron at hisingen side
I was riding slowly behind a Voi scooter on the bicycle lane across the intersections. There is a car standing still waiting for the scooter to pass. I’m like 5m behind him going 17kmh.
Then when I’m just in front of the car he goes. I bumped my butt on his hood and rolled off gracefully but the board got jammed infront of the front tire. I thought it was about to burst into flames but I was lucky. No squished battery and no squished motors and mounts. Just some cracks here and there :face_with_head_bandage:


Some mods to the cross bar and you got yourself a spoiler, or a sissy bar if you’re in a really silly goofy mood

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Did you guys insurance information?

Make sure he suffers the most amount possible, considering that this is 100% the driver’s fault.


Sell u another deck for 70 and deliver it if ur still in sf. That deck was a blem right? The stain on the sides is barely there. Bring u one of those for 60$ which is less than my cost but feel bad yours was poorly made. But if u cut the hole for the trucks to drop thru further it’s asking for trouble.

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To be honest I just wanted to get away from there as quick as possible… I could still ride the board home and it looked fixable. The hummie deck is a tank :grin:
Also the driver was in a shock… didn’t want to put it on him.

But now that you mentioned it, I was involved in a more serious accident two weeks after this with my another vesc based vehicle. Police and insurance got involved. I was not sure if I were to blame for it and I felt like shit for a long time before it all settled and his insurance finally took it. I was not insured and his car was 2 days old. Everything you could see from the front of the car was damaged basically.

I never ever want to be put in a situation like that again. Horrible period… Ride careful people!


I bought it from @Anubis nexusboards
He gave some monies back for it. No worries from my side. :slight_smile:

My DIY drop through plates helps with the load spread. Should be fine

Yeah , that plus delamination is quite alarming :scream:

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Others have don’t similar and broke the deck.

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That driver owes you a new deck. You were in a crosswalk, honestly that driver needs to have their license taken away for a period of time.


I got run over on a crosswalk a few weeks ago and the police said it’s my fault because I’m a vehicle, even though the driver slammed into me at like 50km/h and didn’t even attempt to brake :man_shrugging:

Hopefully other countries aren’t that retarded.
(and that traffic court disagrees with the popo)

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