Lacroix Nazare battery Capacity

I will be starting a build with Lacroix Nazare deck and enclosure soon and wanted to see if a 12s6p battery was the most that is going to fit in there. Has anybody fit more 21700 cells in there? Its the first get enclosure, not the newer supersport one. First battery build for me but seems like there would be extra space but doesn’t seem super usable

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12s6p will not fit if you’re using 21700 cells. That enclosure was designed for a bastard sized cell of 20700. That’s why lacroix switched to 12s5p for the nazare when they started using p42a cells with that enclosure.

If you get creative with placing p-groups you can fit 18s4p in that older naz enclosure. I believe @Skyart has done this and might have pics he could share of the layout.


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If you have the 7 compartment enclosure, the VESC compartment nearest to the motors is huge. So you could even add some P-Groups in that compartment too (if you wanted to).

Get some 21700’s and just experiment with your enclosure to see what works best for you.

I think it’s only that last compartment at the front that doesn’t fit all 12 21700 cells flat. Is that right?

looks like you could definitely add one p group the ESC area, as long as you don’t have a big BMS, or can stack the bms on top of the esc?

I had a bms and sentinel in the way, so I couldn’t do that when I replaced my nazare battery a few years ago.

In the first compartment (closest to the front of the board), the a couple of the cells are not laying flat in the mock-up. But I think it is deep enough so that the cells don’t have to be perfectly flat and still be able to screw the enclosure down.

Yep, there is plenty of room in the last compartment (by the motors) to add another 12 cells, without having to stack the VESC and BMS. The last compartment is huge, and I might end-up using it for P-Groups also. Not sure yet.

Hope this helps.

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Got it. Looks like a 12s6p build will be easy to fit then. Especially if putting 1 p group in the slightly smaller front and 1 in the rear with the BMS and ESC. Could even potentially put a 14s6p if you squeeze everything in. Thank you guys!


Here’s a picture of the last compartment with 12 cells in it. So you could probably do a 14S6P if you wanted to.

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@campbellsoup go for 18s4p instead of 12s6p. Same number of cells but you’ll have more available force going high voltage.

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Ive been debating which way to go… I just bought SKP 173 kv motors. Maybe he hasn’t shipped but I would want to go down to to the 151kv right? Also I was going to go Makerx dv6 but that doesnt run 18s. What ESC are you running?

18s all the way! 151kv would be perfect for 18s. SKP solo is a solid choice for a high power and reliable 18s ESC. I’m running the makerx d100s, which is also a good esc.

173kv would also be a good choice, but it depends on your gearing and what top speed you want. The 173kv motors will accept marginally more amps before overheating, but we’re talking very little difference there, and you probably won’t be overheating motors on 18s anyway.

I have a Maker DV4 from another build, so I am just going to use that (DV4 supports 12S).

For my style of riding, 12S is plenty of voltage.

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I thought about 18S4P, but the cost goes way up for high voltage ESC’s. And I just like to cruise and go fast once in a while - so it all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your build. That’s the beauty of DIY - you can make it any way you want.

If I already had a DV4 or DV6 i would for sure stay 12s. I could try the D100 because it is only $20 more then the DV6 but it seems that the DV6 is a newer platform? Not sure what you gain though. SKP Solo is a good amount more then anything Makerx so its out of budget. I also have someone offering a used D100 for $175 but Again seems like maybe a generation older then the D100s? not sure

@Shadowfax what do you really gain by 18s feel wise? about how much more power do you get over 12s? If its marginal and just more of an efficiency thing I will for sure stick to 12s just for more options. If SKP 173kv motors will work fine at higher voltage I might get a D100s and go for it

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it’s not a marginal difference - you gain 50% more available speed by going from 12s to 18s. You can also increase the gear ratio on the 18s board to increase the amount of force at the wheels by up to 50%.

Put simply your 18s board can have the same top speed and 50% more force, or you can have the same amount of force in a board that goes 50% faster than the 12s board.

If you want to understand how much more power/speed you gain by going to 18s, play with the ultimate esk8 calculator.

The Ultimate esk8 calculator - with Force in Newtons - How-Tos & Esk8 mechanics / How-Tos - DIY Electric Skateboard Forums

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Ahh got it. I should realistically go 18s then. Might as well do it now so I don’t regret it later. I guess I have to go with the D100s since its marginally more then the DV6. Im assuming the SKP 6485 173 kv i got will hold up just fine

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They will, but hit up @Skyart if you want to swap for 151kv. If you are on belt drive it might make more sense to go 151kv. If you are on a gear drive that can do 5.2 or 5.5 ratio, you’d be solid with the 173kv

I have the SKP 173kv on my nazare with 5.5 ratio gear drive and top speed is ~40mph

Its not. 12s6p won’t fit in the configuration you have shown it.

If you get creative you can stagger the cells a little, and that would allow it to fit, but you would likely still need a slight gasket.