Lacroix Introduces: The Barrel

I thought it was ~36 inches

donno, watch their site …. I wonder what other parameters are wrong there too …

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Info in the site is correct, length is from front of tire to back of motor mount, width from nut to nut

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Oh interesting. Having dimensions for the deck in there would also be nice


Barrel deck is 35.5in long. 10.5 wide. Alex posted dimensions on a Facebook group a while ago.


Facebook is 100% not where a lot of folks would look for this information. Most would probably look in the “specifications” area of LaCroix’s own site.

Pretty common on prebuilts to list the overall size and not the deck. Not a fan, but that’s how it be.

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I agree, and I’m not complaining.

But this is LaCroix and not Meepo or Evolve.

If anyone started doing it, I’d kind of expect it to be a company like this.


I’ve seen a lot of mistakes on the site when new stuff gets added, and emailed them and they’ve fixed it.
(most common was copy pasted specs not modified for existing board, and one part of site saying one thing and the other saying another. )

given this isn’t exactly a mistake. they may still respond to a clear suggestion of adding clarifying info.


It’s not correct though. Lacroix describes all of their boards as 42” long, and the barrel is several inches shorter overall vs the lonestar/jaws/nazare boards. It’s not surprising that anyone would be confused how big the barrel is.

Also, the 42” long description makes no sense at all for the lonestar/jaws/naz boards. They are 45” counting tire to tire and 38”ish for the deck.

Most of the chinese prebuilts list their deck length at least. The bar is super low for this and Lacroix should fix this.


Lonestar SS:


Deck is 34.5" X 10.5"

Indeed, it’s confusing right now, we will fix it and clarify what is what



Hello gents,
Sorry to bother but I never had a Lacroix yet,
Several ESk8 Emountain only.

Between Barrel & Jaws2.0
The specs speak but it seems better the Jaws2 and faster? Thank you

Performance wise, they have the same capabilities. 12s4p with 190kv motors. If you want a shorter and cheaper board, go with the barrel. If you want a bigger, more expensive board, go with the jaws.

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It’s currently almost the same price in Eu. Thank you for your feedback.

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If they are close to the same price, 100% buy the jaws.


spend more and get the Nazare SS.


Well that’s the big lady, I was hoping to see a new line soon at Lacroix. Let’s see thank you.

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The barrel is sick