J Tyrannotron Bench

I found @zero_ads inspiration for the build :rofl:

Spot the difference


Whats the turning radius on this :rofl:


I love the look of the vanguard…

I have been wanting to slap my BN 270s on a long board with little wheels for that look…

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He has to do a 9 point turn on a 4 lane highway

@zero_ads What did you use for the parallel connection?


Looks like heatshrunk Nickel braid



Idk yet tbd lol

@rafaelinmissouri do it, I also have 270s I could’ve used but really want to test out the Lunas.

@Beauseph half inch tinned copper braid and then I add the heat shrink before making the connection.


Assembled an AT gear drive

Battery welded and taped up. With some luck I’ll do the connections and BMS next.


What loctite you using?

Using green 648 and a couple speed rings to hopefully keep everything in place


You are on it.
Best of luck.

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Stop it Jimmy! I’m going to need a 20s build to keep up with you - don’t make me do it :rofl:


Dooo it :smiling_imp:, I’ll halp. I am constantly finding the end of my throttle so it’ll be nice to have some more on the top end.

@rafaelinmissouri yeah I’ve been monitoring y’all’s progress with these drives and have been taking notes


Sooo close but no cigar on finishing the battery tonight. Need to wire up the charging on the BMS and batt, then wrap it up and should be good to go.

Had to spend a lot of time extending balance wires as they were too short.


Looking really good dude!

TLDR what bms is that?

Edit: your multimeter is exactly the same as mine!

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Thanks! It’s the Ennoid XLite v2 wired up for 20s


Looks like a challenging battery build for sure! Really cool work :ok_hand:


Yeah this has been my most challenging battery to date for sure.

Alright mostly finished with the battery got the BMS in there. Using the Ennoid xlite v2 as mentioned above. This is a recalled version and getting a replacement from @ENNOID. I was informed this is still usable I just have to be very careful so, in it goes. Great customer service.

Next needed to swap in the beefier QS8s and then cross my fingers that all would go well.

It lives!!!

Threw on the motors so that I can see if all goes well. But for some reason I thought I’d be able to use Metrs BT to connect to the Vesc app, wasn’t the case. Did successfully run motor and sensor detection through Metr though.

Still a lot of things to button up like power button, charge port, splicing the can cable for a different remote, mounting, etc. But calling this a win for tonight, need a break and just ride.


So I done fucked up and set myself back a day. I noticed I had the connectors for the xlite BMS charger and battery mixed up. So, went in and fixed that… then while measuring voltage to see if things looked ok hand went limp (I guess) and I shorted the board… which blew the shit out of it (fucking couldn’t believe myself).

So, I had to swap in an LTT (LLT?) smart BMS which is actually what I was originally going to put in anyways (it’s a chonky mf). But that meant needing to do the balance wires again and other stuff. Anyways got it in there and we’re sailing smooth once again.

Also, mounted some Tee Nutz so that I could use my s2 binding as well as a foot stop (not pictured).

Lastly, blue loctited and greased up the gear drives so that they’re ready to mount. Now I need to mount the enclosure and seal it up. Program the VESC and hopefully get a test run before weekends end.