Issue With Unity and Module while Logging data

Alright folks.
I’m in seek of some knowledge here

My Nazare has been running great for around 350 miles until today.
A couple of days ago after reading Lacroix email I went ahead and did a fw update to the unity
Did all of the settings and everything seemed to work fine! Finally took her out for a quick ride today. 18 miles into my ride my shit kicked into cruise control mode! “Don’t ask me why cuz that’s what I’m trying to find out lol”

Stuck at around 30mph my brakes didn’t respond. While on the loose I had enough time to shut off my remote and that took no effect. The damn thing is still driving with me on top lol.
Turned remote back on n board still didn’t respond. Finally decided to bail out. Crashed and the board ended upside down with motor still spinning at full throttle

Turned the board off and back on and it started working again! Meaning. Remote was doing what is supposed to do.
After that rode it on bitch mode for the rest of the ride back to my car.

Ideas anyone!?

Oh yeah. Might be important. Using a Hoyt remote


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Best bets at a good answer


Wow. Thank god you’re ok.

What if this had happened in a city street :scream:


Not enough information here to determine culprit, but I’ve seen similar behaviour from a hoytt remote before but it did persist even on power cycle.

Are you running any other accessories? Was it cruise control mode or just hitting max speed?

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Thanks brother. Shit was awesome cuz I had time to prepare for it. Not a single scratch on me :grin:


Problem only went away after I power cycled the board.

Cruise control meaning steady 30mph speed even when I was trying to brake with the remote
While doing 30mph I power cycled the remote and that didn’t help. Board didn’t slow down while remote was turned off if that makes sense

I guess I’m wondering if say the reciever had some sort of glitch and got stuck at a midway throttle point.
There’s really nothing in the PPM app that could allow it to switch to a cruise control mode.

If the PPM app quits recieving PPM signal from the reciever it will time out and coast out so it wouldn’t be wiring or anything.


Yeah. That’s what I was thinking but don’t know for sure Someone advised Hoyt remote potentiometers break but that makes no sense since board worked fine after the power cycle

@Sender @DerelictRobot

Does this not sound like the issue of the puck that happened with @mmaner’s board in Co?


Thanks guys for the quick response. Highly appreciated :heart:

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That rules out it being the same issue mine had.


Yes was thinking same thing, but that remote did stay broken. I’m not entirely sure if it’s something that can break intermittently. I haven’t seen any other reports of unity switching into CC mode or locking a throttle position or anything until this.

Any bluetooth devices connected to board?

Flip board over and screw around with the remote thumbstick as much as possible. Maybe you can reproduce runaway behaviour.


is your top speed 30mph?

Idk how to upload records but that’s what my metr records look like right before the crash

Nah. My board is geared for 40mph

were you going uphill?

Oh please sort out how to get that record uploaded would be very valuable. Do you have the internal BLE module or external from metr?


Not really. It was fairly flat to where if you let off the throttle it will slowly stop you

So the speed you were stuck at wasn’t your fastest possible speed for the conditions?

Internal. Unity one