InfinitySink | Universal Heatsink | Top Mount Boxes

InfinitySink 2020 | Universal Heatsink + Top Mount Box


InfinitySink (Batch #2 on the way! Order now to save 20%!)
Price is $60 + shipping

The Universal InfinitySink supports the Focbox Unity, 2x Original Focbox, Vesc6, 2x Torque Boards TB6, Stormcore 100s, 100d, 60d

Each unit comes with the mounting plate, fins plate, and all screws required

Snag your unit(s) at

*if you are in Europe, our friend across the pond @Anubis is stocking them


150x100x12 (mm) | 6mm stickout of enclosure, 10mm thick fins plate, 2mm thick mounting plate

Black anodized 6061 with White laser etched Esk8News logo

TOP MOUNT BOX (Bottom plates on the way! Order now for 20% off)

$45 for standard unit, $60 for carbon fiber nylon upgrade (worth it)

*You may pick where you want your battery port

The InfinitySink top mount box allows you to mount your escs and heatsink on top of your board with style. With different colors and materials, you can customize the aesthetic of your build.

You can choose between colored filaments, or a stronger, higher quality carbon filled nylon.

Top Mount Box for InfinitySink comes with the following:

Printed Plastic Box
Box bottom (black anodized aluminum)
2x 3-hole Cable glands for phase wires
xt60 and xt90 bracket for battery port
2x grommets for sensor wires
All necessary screws

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I have a few ideas for some more products, but please let me know if you have any ideas. I am happy to work on some new products! Someone recently approached me about TKP trucks, if that is wanted, I wouldn’t mind making a truck.

*Stock is running low for Heatsinks, so get in now, or wait for round two :joy:

I really did not think I would have to make another batch of heatsinks, but seems like I will have to.

Thanks Everyone


bout damn time u have ur own vendor corner :eyes:

good shit, keep em coming


The square whole is for sensor wires i assume?

You think theres enough space in the case for a metr pro, metr pro can, gps module (beitian BN-220), remote receiver and various connectors?

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This thing is not done yet. No, those rectangle cutouts are placeholders for the xt60/90 brackets.

I will ask everyone about sizing before I produce them. I can always increase the thickness to fit more stuff like receivers, metrs, etc.

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These look so rad I have to get myself one for my current build.

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Ah perfect.

My input: I’d prefer a single hole for 3 motor wires (mr60) That mr60 mounted to the enclosure.
(black square = mounted mr60) That way the connector can easily be unplugged. Seperate hole for the sensor wire obv.

For the battery wires I’d like to have them on the right side like here because the connector is on the binding itself

this would be my ideal case

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The plan was to use cable glands. That is the reason for the separate holes.

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Maybe I should make a universal version, and then a “custom” version, where the body is customizable. Basically just an add-on on the shop, then I will take down where you want the holes and print it like that, idk.

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Yup, just doesn’t look good if you want to put the wires in a sleeve and have a big bulge near the case because they are so spread apart.

Reminds me of my current box. Cant sleeve that

Can’t please everyone obviously.

that could work. Oh it’s printed? OS? Else i could print it myself. Just would need the file

@surfnacho Is there a particular reason you leave it with course machining marks as opposed to a high spindle speed final pass it sandblasting prior to anodization?


also, hole plugs are a thing if need be/ for things like sensor wires. just fyi

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I did not make them myself. The factory that did them, did a less than stellar job. I don’t plan on using them again, and have a new place that my robotics mentor has used for other projects recently.


Ooh they only get better from here? :drooling_face:

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Nothing is perfect the first time. its basically the Fundamental theorem of engineering. And the reason why space sector is so damn challenging


HOT oh… or very cool :slightly_smiling_face:



I think I will just have material and color options, as well as body style options. These will just be made to order ig, but since they are printed, turnaround will be zoom zoom.

This setup allows for xt60 or 90, and cable glands. The other body will make one hole for cables and allow you to sleeve them.

This also allows for battery cables on either front or back using the brackets.

I can also then add a custom option on the site.

if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, go for it!


How much extra would one of these cost for those of us still waiting on our Unity plates ?



I voted heck yes cause I think this is sick and if I bought a heatsink next this would be it… but I don’t need it so i’ll just be watching everyone else build out with it. Need another build now.