Inboard gone too?

Another one gone. No more inboard?


Torqueboards scooter will be legit


Inboard shouldn’t have survived long enough to make it to scooters imo :thinking:🤷


Hiding under a rock @torqueboards? Happened a few months back.

They should’ve stayed away from the scooter business and concentrated on an M2. I think their board wasn’t bad for a last mile vehicle and it was well made. One of the better production boards. All they had to do was make a direct drive board with a bigger compartment that can accept two different sized, easy swap batteries like the M1. So they can have a 99wh travel battery with a void (which can hold the remote) and also an optional larger battery that fills up the space.


Yes, and there are unconfirmed rumors that Enertion may be in trouble.


Started to get interested in the escooter world and I understand why companies aims to target that market. While Esk8 is cool, most of the consumers are truly passionate people. In escooter you have both, but the majority are normal consumers that are looking for an efficient, less expensive, transportation to work. They search for a turn on, maintenance free vehicle. Don’t want to hear about a single screw to be adjusted. In this market 90% of the scooters are all rebranded model of the 6 available in China. For sure escooter is taken seriously from Chinese companies and they know is gonna be the next years market in the electric vehicle sector. I have recently seen videos about the last Alibaba showcase Expo. Basically a living Alibaba. In the transportation was 40% ebike (every possible size) and 60% escooter. I might have seen 2 Esk8 :sweat_smile:
It’s clear that there is much more market but it’s also more competitive and not an established DIY world there. So only ready to go products there. That’s why the starting quality is higher compare to Esk8 pre-built few years ago but they look all the same except like BoostedRev and few others.


Also a major part for consumers are their ability. Not any one has the skills to ride a skateboard.
Turning is tricky, balance is hard, there is a whole learning curve that people don’t want to get into.
Escooters have a Handel that is much easier to turn and is also safer at higher speeds.


For sure. Even the top Esk8 rider will fail to do a simple tight turn you can easily with escooter at your first ride. So yes the control is higher. Maybe you can reach similar balancing with bindings but not everyone is using them.


Which is precisely why Paris, Japan and Singapore have banned E-scooters, or non-pedal assist E-bikes --> handlebars = mass adoption = mass problems / accidents. look at all these skateparks being invaded by kick-scooters nowadays… total cringe. Singapore specifically has a “handlebar” ban for now. At least somebody in governance is doing their homework to look into the details and nuances, unlike Paris and Japan (as far as I know).


I hadn’t thought of that correlation before. Nicely said.


maybe think twice about getting into e-scooters? looks like they are getting flak around the world… mass dumping, etc etc… like Lime and Bird. I can’t imagine electrically powered devices being shared without charging stations, probably only works when there’s wireless charging everywhere, which by then our brains would be fried with high level microwave activity. The nuances truly have to be sorted like bicycles have been for decades before it truly has a place in the real economy.


You need to ask for employment at the French Embassy. Like now, i’m not kiding.

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knowledge of French language required? :smiley:

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I will be your traducteur

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I’m obviously accurate so quoting myself because of my immense intellect and ability.

They had a good enough marketing and form factor that they were able to still have people buying their boards into 2019. That should tell you they did something right along those lines. Board wise no, they should not have lasted this long and thats from personal experience.

Does anyone know where their remaining stock of batteries went? I need one for an m1 board otherwise it’s an expensive traditional board! I’m based in the uk so guess I might need to pay international shipping…

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Welcome, Tim. I bumped your account from newbie so you can post and message freely.

As for Inboard batteries, I have seen none for sale and no chatter about them, sorry to say.

Theres a pattern here… venture backed Eboard start up pivoting to scooter and flaming out


No idea what happened to their remaining stock. I think it’s time to just make a larger top mounted battery pack for those InBoards, drill a hole on the cover, and connect an Anderson (?) to XT cable to it. Just needs to be 12s. you can have so much more range

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