IDEA... rear handle

I need a handle for the rear of my board for “towing it” when not riding.

Anyone ever made such a thing for a board? I was thinking making it out of aluminum and mounting it on the rear truck holes.

Shoot your ideas if you have any.

Will be updating this post if I discover anything
It would be going on the rear of this board so that you can carry is from the rear easily.


Buy a kayak handle for $8 on Amazon and bolt it to to the motor mount, use M4 and some nylocks


@dani has made a few good looking ones.

I have a front one on my mtb to carry it like luggage and maybe prevent some truck damage.


Maybe @akhlut is available. He made me mine and I still love it like on day 1.

Edit: just realised others got my design made after me :joy:


This a kayak mount too brotha ?@Venom121212

Nah just 3d printed handle. I have a 3d printed one like above too.

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True true. Do you think it’s possible to “weld” with solder lol

Solder isn’t structural, you want to braze it


Rewind! Like above as in you have my trampa handle STL/f360 file?

Did I make it for you? I made one for mbs mounting holes for someone. Shouldn’t be much different if anyone can caliper measure.

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Mine is fully Matt designed

Ah yeah mine is just a similar design then.

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It’s either I find out how to make one of these things or I’ma sell the board and getting a one wheel for the ease of transportation around college LOL

Was supposed to be a front handle/pedestrian ankle buster but my plans of davega and light bar were screwing that up.
It originally had a recessed part to make space for my LEDs. @kadeanderson, 3d is good but aluminium is sexy :joy:

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That thing is just big tho. I just need something small and simple @Flasher

That’s the board’s middle name :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But yeah then I guess 3d printing one is “simpler”…fucking Christ am I hating the tweaking process on my printer

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Maybe I’ll beable to make one :hugs:

I made a thing in another life printed it outta nylonX…

Version II lasted a good 10 crashes


Hand tool one out of Delrin or Nylon sheet. Use a saw to cut the shape. Use a hole saw to do any holes. Sand the rough edges then briefly hit those with a blowtorch to soften them.


Could this be mounted underneath @kook