Hummie 18650 Battery PCB

Seems he’s gone
I got some made for 18650. 25$ each. Has a balance plug and equivalent of almost 10awg copper.
Can add the 8mm x.2mm nickel for 15$ more

This is an a123 26650 12s3p version I’m making here. I’ll sell that assembled for 200$. I’ll have many of those and feel safe shipping them assembled being iron chemistry

People have been testing the other single row version I posted before and show well. This is new and untested but very similar


Looks nice. Consider putting a thin insulating foam between the cells and the board.

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Yea. The solder mask is epoxy at least but I paint on another layer on the board. Maybe go back to kapton.

Not kapton please. It looks very bad. I would say thin black foam of the width = length of the cells.

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Another comment that I have is consider ordering lasercut nickel cut to the right size and shape. That would make it look very clean and markettable and also avoid sharp corners.

Something like this

Secondly, round the corners of the pcb with large fillets. It’s especially important when you put on a shrink wrapping around the whole thing.


thanks for the thoughts. Let me see what u think of what I think!:
Maybe I should’ve put chamfers on all edges. Don’t think fillets are possible

The shaped nickel as it is right there is nice in its length and not having any corners and the two slots are nice too. Wish I knew where to get it. I imagine getting it custom made would require getting a lot? I didn’t look. Cutting off from my nickel roll and trimming the two corners and seems fine. 8mm x .2. Welds consistently and w a good hold even welded to the board not soldered. I hadn’t planned to shrink wrap or put any glue between the cells. Just Velcro on the cell side, and velcroed to bottom of enclosure. if I shrink wrap then the cells aren’t held by the Velcro well. Kapton may not look nice (I think it looks better than shrinkwrap for sure and can see through) but here on the pcb to cells i put a single kapton strip going along each cell connecting to the pcb. And can cover the dangerous top side like that. …last kapton I bought for 30$ I got in I think 2.5” and the glue is so strong that even w two people unrolling it’s too hard to get it cleanly down. it it’s a nightmare of endlessly ripping.


How much for this PCB if you were selling it?
I have 96 A123 cells already no more

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I’ll sell the 18650 version I got. … u want nickel?
8mm fits. I’ve got it .2mm.
I think sell with nickel for 35$.

Ideal be if u got the right size kapton for each cell too.
And Velcro.

I think these should be put in the deck in a particular way where the cells are held by Velcro to the box on bottom and no strain on nickel from being bounced around or squeezed.


The 26650 and 18650 versions are different right?

Other than the amount of slots no. 48 or 36 slots

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You misunderstood me. I meant rounding the corners, not the edges.

Regarding the laser cutting, search Alibaba laser cut nickel. Won’t be expensive as all. Like less than $5 for 1 whole battery pack.

I would say once the pack is done, go for a transparent shrink wrap. People hated the randomly cut and pasted kapton tape the last time. Also shrink wrap would be way easier for you.

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I’ve got an old single row 6s version and a 12s version with balance traces and a plug. Take them off me! The single row version I’ll sell for 15$ for two and the double row I’ll sell for 20$ with the plug. I’ll sell the 18650 version for 48 cells or the 26650 version for 36 cells

These have almost the equivalent of 10 awg copper traces (they’re 2oz and wide, double sided, and with many vias to the back side which has a solder mask). I can send u the matching nickel (8mmx.2) as well for another 10$.

Don’t want to ship. Come get them and I’ll take 5$ off.


What are the dimensions? So that people know if it fits in their boards :slight_smile:

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18650 pcb is 12s3p ?

18650 is 12S4P. Would take it if they would fit 5p…

Not making the A123 packs anymore?

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The board is 142x500.
Same for 18650(12s4p) and 26650(12s3p)

I’m selling complete A123 (12s3p) for 220$ Including the needed Velcro for mounting plus shipping
With a smart bms attached 300$. (Forget the model right now)

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Hey @hummieee . Does the 12s 18650 fit the Hummie deck cut out? Also I take it that I could double stack for 12s 7p? U.K. shipping?

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Yeah, the cut out is 145mm wide.


Thanks, Just spotted it fitted on The neo battery con thread…

Edit, my phone autocorrected pcb to con for some reason but it seems somewhat appropriate…

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I guess for DS you could sandwich the PCB between cell layers?

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