How do I choose a proper ESC?

So I have been reading and watching videos for quite some months now, and I have come to the point where I want to go all-in on DIY, starting with 6368, 170kv motors and a 10S4P battery (170KV mitors from Bound Motor and battery from Verreal)

I have been looking at different VESC on Google and forums but every single time I think I have found the perfect VESC, I always end up reading contradicting threads on forums, even on this.
For example: Focboc Unity+ is built by Satan himself.
MakerX ships from an unknown address and you cant get in contact with them.

Who do you go with and why? The Focbox Unity+ seems to be able to code itself without needing to plug it into a PC and theres been more than 6000 customers supposedly. But then I read here that it can throw you off the board and disconnects and what not.

I have been riding a Verreal RS for almost one year now without any issues. I have gotten a faulty motor though, but nothing serious that cut off in a janky way.


a couple questions to help you pick:

  • do you want a single or dual VESC?
  • do you want VESC6 features or are you fine with VESC4?
  • do you want a VESC that can just handle the parts you currently use or do you want headroom for upgrading?
  • what is your budget?
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  1. Dual VESC
  2. I am not into the features, I just thought VESC 6 meant more power? Whatever is the most reliable, i would say.
  3. I would love to upgrade more parts! So headroom for sure.
  4. No limit

Thank you for the reply!

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if you have no budget limit and want headroom for upgrades, you should probably just aim for the top of the stack which would be the spintend Ubox v2 or any of the Little FOCer, Mother FOCer etc. or the Lacroix Stormcore

I assume because you have dual motors, but 2x single vesc is more reliable and more repairable than a dual VESC

more power is a feature, and the “more power” is in specific ways, and a lot of it has to do with more precision, quieter operation, smoother direction switching etc. there’s probably a thread somewhere that goes over all the diferences


I thought this was a joke until I searched for them :joy:

I thought I had done some good reaearch on VESCs but maybe I have been looking the wrong places. I thought that Focbox Unity, MakerX DV6 Pro and Stormcore was the top of the line.

Yes I am using dual motors. How much more reliable are x2 single VESCs? It seems like most people are on dual VESCs. Im wondering if its worth the hassle?

Ahh okay, this makes great sense. Ill check up on it, but I wouldnt see why I would go 4 if 6 is as reliable and with more features then

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People don’t like the company too much, but Trampa with the OG VESC is also up there. With arguably better repairability too.


yeah if you have the budget, just insist on VESC6. 2x single is nice if you blow one vesc, you only need to replace that VESC instead of an entire (and more expensive) dual VESC unit. and the “hastle” is just plugging in a CAN cable

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the DV6 Pro I’d say is top of the line up to a 12s build, but not passed that. the Stormcore 100D (not the 60D) can do up to 18s while there are some High Voltage VESCs that claim to support up to 20s and even beyond

use this wiki to compare VESCs


I see you’ve done a bit of research yourself, which is nice :slight_smile:

If you want a reliable ESC that just works (no need for a dedicated antispark switch or loopkey), and good customer service – get a stormcore 60D. Designed by the same engineers that made the Unity, but better in every way. End of thread :smile:


End of the day I think the vesc with the least failures is the trampa v6
Insane amount of them in a huge number of boards and really few failures
Also trampa offers amazing customer service
People don’t like him much but his products are top of the line

That’s highly likely incorporated with the idea that t might also be the least purchased vesc as well


I went with the torqure 6 escs, the stormcore 60d, and flipksy 6.6 dual. So far each has been great and fortunately have not experienced any life threating issues with any of them.


Least failures per vesc
Also there are a lot of trampa vescs out there as the amount of trampa prebuilts in the uk is insane (like 50% of riders here)
Also I have seen many trampa prebuilts in the eu and USA

Would love to know where you pulled that metric from


Just by observation
Based on the number of other vescs I have heard and seen failures of on the forum and then the large number of people I have seen with trampa vescs and a lack of failures reported about them makes me think that trampa is on top

No offense, but thats not a valid metric.


Of course not
I clearly said it’s by my observation
From my experience and what I have seen I believe that trampa vescs are the most reliable

Fair enough. I’ve never used them. Bout to do my first build with them, see if I can’t break them :rofl:


Please let me know if you do
I have used 4 and built 2 other builds with 4 in and no failures yet - used to pretty much the max trampa recommends

I too never saw a trampa VESC 6 break by design. They even survived wrong polarity by me, although just barely lmao