How do I choose a proper ESC?

Stormcore 60d+ has been rock solid for me. Best of luck!




Edit: I’m of course kidding. Buying a new Unity these days isn’t particularly a great idea. For many a reason.

But at the expense of useful discourse, I do enjoy joking about them.

I also wouldn’t be so quick to pass over a Xenith or a FSESC 6.7+. Assuming you’re installing and configuring them properly and within reasonable limits, they run well if you get beyond the first month or so without a failure.


Really awesome to check up on the thread with many replies!

As for the Trampa single ESC units, I think I would have to pass. I always wanted a Trampa board, long before I started riding, but I see a lot of threads on Reddit about how their Trampa board break easily, and how Trampa doesnt honor the warranty or give proper customer support.
Is there a better option for x2 single ESC than Trampa? It didnt even take long before there started a little argument here :grin:

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I have personally dealt with trampa
And have a few friends that have also and I have only positive experiences with them
Often issues completely not their fault they helped and fixed

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Trampa VESCs are very good but they’re very expensive & Trampa owner is a douchecanoe


Not a better option. But there always are options:

+ You’ll need either a smart enhanced antispark switch from flipsky, or a loop-key.


if you can afford it, get a stormcore 60D.

whoever said trampa was on top has never used enough of them to know better.


Can’t testify for stormcore as I have never personally used but go through the thread and there def have been issues with them

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Thank you for the link! Would it really be a better option to go with x2 Go-FOC SV6 than a Stormcore 60D? I must admit that I am just about to order a 60D just because its the creator of the old Focbox Unity and it seems to have gotten very nice reviews so far from what I have seen. It does seem to fail sometimes but that seems to be the case with every. single. ESC. Got to love how new this sport is :sweat_smile:

There was this power on/off button that would change color depending on how much battery is left. Does anyone remember who sold it?

What’s better with a smart enhanced antispark switch rather than a “normal” antispark switch?

The people killing stormcores are generally pushing them to their limits. If it’s a qc issue, they have proven themselves in taking care of their customers (myself included).

With your 10s4p pack, you won’t be putting it anywhere near its limit and you can always change to a 12s or 13s battery in the future and will still be able to use the esc.

Ive never used the gofoc but it would be my choice if stormcore didn’t exist based on the feedback of fellow builders that I trust.


I have 4 trampa vesc mkv 6’s, 2 in each board. My mates have a few of them too. They have been bulletproof for the last 2 years of abuse.

The team at trampa are a good bunch of lads and Ted the owner is too.
They have always looked after me with any issue and mostly gone above and beyond.

Just save yourself the headache and get two trampa vescs.


Yea that sure wont be the case with me with this current setup! Im driving 90% of the time in forests in gear 1 or 2 to conserve as much battery as possible but still being able to go 20-30kmhr on MTB tracks.
Im not looking to push the board to the limit, because if a cheap Verreal RS had me very satisfied, Im sure a 60D would be way more than I could ask for.

Thanks for your feedback, and also @jshields94 !


Hell yeah, good to see more MTB riders :muscle:

He’s not wrong. If my budget was unlimited and I didn’t get to see how Frank composes himself when dealing with competition, trampa escs would be a viable option.

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NOTHING beats MTB tracks in the forest! Luckily I have 2-3 other riders joining me on those tracks, but yeah, I have yet to see any other Eboarder on the MTB tracks.

I have looked around and I have such a hard time to justify paying literally x2 the price of a Stormcore that gets sent from EU to EU, rather than from UK to EU, and if the Stormcore 60D fails, I could buy a new one and still save money compared to x2 single Trampas that I might need to try to repair at some point.
Tbh I think I am very sold on a 60D + their BMS! I’m even contemplating getting their motors in the order as well.


Unity, Stormcore, Trampa, Bioboards, pretty sure you cant go wrong with any of them.

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I’ve yet to kill a stormcore. My main stormcore has gone through 3 boards now and it keeps on chugging.




this anti trampa stuff is such rubbish

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Does anyone know what’s up with Lacroix motors contradicting their flagship model?

On the EU site they write:
Our flagship motor is the 6389 in 190kv. Ships stock on the Nazaré™ and Nazaré Lonestar™ (6389 in 140kv in Nazare and Lonestar SuperSport) and enables a 350lbs rider to climb any hill he throws at them

On the US site they write:
Our flagship motor is the 6389 in 130kv. They ship stock on the Supersport line and enables a 350lbs rider to climb any hill he throws at them

So what is it? :grin:

Motor kv should be selected based on battery voltage.

190kv for 12s.

130kv for 18s.