Help with parts list.

So I have wanted to build a esk8 for a long time and finally decided to do it. I saw that maytech have a big sale on and i am scared that if i take to long to order things will get sold out. Now i am a complete noob and have very little knowledge on building a esk8. So i came here for some help. Could someone possibly help me decide on what i should get there. I am planing on building my own battery pack. I was thinking a single motor build. Something that emphasizes a bit more on range to commute and not so much on speed. Any help will be appreciated thanks.


@b264 is the master of single drive

tell us what specs you want and what battery you are building

dont worry about maytech sales as they are always on

also for battery building do you already have a welder? if not in general its not worth it for you if your aim is to build just one battery


For a single drive go with a 6374 motor and either 10s or 12s battery with 10Ah+.

For urethane wheels, 85mm is the minimum, 97mm better, 110mm even better.
Pneumatics are even better IMO but reduces range to ~60% vs PU

Here are some links to get you started:


I was thinking like 6s4p because i don’t really need a lot of speed and wont be to expensive. I also want to have a fairly small board that i can trie to a backpack. But i am open to suggestions since i have little experience.

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Better to build a 12s2p or 10s3p battery anyway, in case you change your mind in the future and do want that speed. (Also then you can resell it easier use standard skate chargers)

To optimize for range, you’ll want:

  • single large motor
  • efficient drivetrain (gears without a vring like boardnamics, belt with idlers, or direct drive / hub motor)
  • efficient wheels, i.e. – standard urethane wheels
  • battery – more cells, the better. With a small battery (~24 cells) you don’t want high capacity cells, because those will sag too much and get you less usable energy than a cell optimized for both current, and capacity. Something like a molicel p42a or Samsung 40T would be perfect.

Hi there. Thanks for the input I really appreciate it. So I made this excel spreadsheet with all the different configurations. I found that a 13s2p pack would give a good range at a higher voltage of 46,8. Would this voltage and Mah be high enough?

The exact performance of the pack will be:

  • Total voltage of 46,8
  • Total WH of 280
  • Total Mah of 6000

I don’t know if this is correct but I read up about 10Wh = about 1km so I estimate I would get a range of just under 30km

I will put the excel file here if you want to have a look at all the configurations I’m looking at (I Highlighted them). You can change the type of cell performance if you want to use the spreadsheet for yourself I don’t know if someone with your all your knowledge will benefit from something like this.

Pack voltage will only affect top speed; although you can always compensate for that with a higher KV motor. ESCs are usually most efficient running at a voltage close to their max rating, so on a vesc 6 based ESC you would want 12s (or lower), and on a cheap vesc 4 based ESC you would want 10s (or lower).

Sounds legit for a slow single drive; my friend gets 5-7Wh per km riding slow on urethane wheels, my brother gets 7-15Wh per km riding at a medium speed, and I get 24Wh per km riding at full throttle. :crazy_face:

You should look at some of the other “first build” threads to read advice given to others; feels like I’m repeating myself here, but the order in which you should plan parts for your build is the following:

Once you have an enclosure and deck in mind, then you can figure out what layout battery will fit in there.

Btw, assuming the cell you modeled your pack stats over was a 30Q, according to Mooch’s testing, from full charge to 3.2V at 10A draw, each cell only provides 7.5Wh of power, so a 13s2p would only give you 195Wh at 20A total draw, not 280 :wink:


Some ideas here [WTB] [CANADA] Parts for first build and here WISDOM BUILD - First DIY Build. Looking for some advice and any wisdom

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