Help! Getting strange board behavior

So i just finishished wiring a new build and ran into a strange problem. I set up both vescs with vesc tool .95 and all detwctions went smoothly. Did remote remote setup and everything seemed great. As soon as i turned the mini remote off both motors went instantly into full acceleration… Anybody dealt with this behavior before? They stop spinning as soon as i turn the remote back on. I also redid all detections in a newer vesc tool right after to make sure it wasnt firmware issue. Running dual focbox in heatsink with 12s4p 25r pack, tb 6355s, and a mini remote for reference. Thanks


Hit up Brian. He has a post about how to setup failsafe on your mini remote. If you accidentally set the failsafe action to full throttle, that’s what you will get when you failsafe.


I was just reading that before posting lol it totally was the failsafe… Strange though because this remote had already been setup on another build for a couple years now with none of that behavior. Oh well, thanks for the quick response @Rob :call_me_hand:

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Happened to me as well while setting up. Now you can ride with peace of mind lol