Good Deals Thread

Use CLEMSON10 for 10% off


Thank you! I knew someone had to have one

Good but not quite doorbuster deal on a printer. Shipped from a European warehouse, I got an Ender 3 from this banggood location a year ago and it arrived very quickly without extra customs or fuckery. Banggood tend to have decent customer service unless you’re buying really transparently cheap crap then just make sure you know what you’re buying

Edit: Artillery Hornet, €166, shipped from CZ


bowden extruder


Dude it’s so cheap, just add a DD upgrade and off to the races.

Meanwhile anyone in the US can STILL get an ender pro for $100 if you’re near or willing to drive to microcenter. Blows my mind to this day.


I have one that I could get to if I really wanted… never been there though. I looked on their site but didn’t see any for $100?

think its “new” customer offer for instore pick up only


Yep hold on, I’ll send you the link to the deal.

If you’re already a member there, just use a family member or friends phone number to get the coupon.

Microcenter $100 Ender Pro

Original credit to @frankthedragon for finding it :fist_right::fist_left:


Awesome, thank you! I was thinking about picking one up to mess around with and that kinda seals the deal. I’ll see if I can grab one after work this week :+1:t2::beers:


I wish they had more locations. The nearest one to me is just under 500 miles away.

Crazy stuff, I thought that was just a temporary thing. Do you pay sales tax on top of that or is that really the walk out the door price? My limited understanding is you add like 10%

States have a flat sales tax and the counties within them (think 3-5 cities ish) add a tiny bit on to that as well so around me, I pay 6% sales tax total.

Coincidentally, this weekend is tax free weekend for back to school shopping.

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Same here. I was really hoping to be able to stop by one during a road trip halfway across the country to move but we didn’t come close to passing any of them which was super disappointing.

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One set of MAD Wheelz for $99! Same as the Boosted 105s with the exception of the graphics and much lower price. The promotional sale will be going for one week!

Check out


6.25% tax here in MA

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The eagle has landed (along with some other bits and filament etc). Can’t wait to get started and botch a bunch of test prints


Not sure if this falls under good deals or not, more like a “they have them in stock”, but a local skate shop here has TSG Pass helmets in stock (in L too, which seems to be the hardest size to find).

looks like they have a bunch of other TSG pads and helmets on sale too… just snagged some DHP pads for a hundo

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tsg dhp pads are good, i have them

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