Introducing the all-new Go-FOC D100s, Go-FOC DV6s and Go-FOC DV4s . Enter a new era of high-density, high-power, and high-stability!

In order to provide ESK8ers with an even better DIY experience, we have once again reduced the size of our ESCs. This allows for more space within limited enclosures. Despite their compact size, we have managed to pack unprecedented power into these ESCs.

Go-FOC D100s:
Boasting a peak output capability of up to 15KW, supporting a maximum voltage of 21s, and a peak phase current of 200A. With dimensions of only 101x65x20mm.

Go-FOC DV6s:
Same compact size as DV4s but with even more powerful performance than the DV6pro. Improved heat dissipation and a more mature circuit design, resulting in an almost 0% chance of ABS current faults.

Go-FOC DV4s:
Considered the most cost-effective dual ESC for electric skateboards. If you don’t require extreme power, this is the top choice. previous thread:


hey David, can we maybe have a standard mounting holes across all makerx esc? :joy: i think every new esc u release have new mounting holes, not that people swap esc that often, but its just more convenient


You crazy motherfuckers shoving that much power in a tiny esc. I don’t know how you guys manage that at such a low price.


Due to the extremely compact size, it is challenging for us to standardize the mounting hole dimensions. However, the mounting holes for DV6s and DV4s will be unified.:laughing::laughing:


works 100% of the time, 80% of the time


Double sided thermal tape is stupid strong. Requires pry tools to remove. Highly recommend


doesn’t taste nearly as good, tho


Use the tape, eat all the epoxy. Best of both worlds.


Now I slightly regret buying 2 dv6 pros a few weeks ago


Yeah, if what they’re claiming is true, it seems like the DV6 pro is a bit out of place.

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Yea lol. Might just stick with the dv6 pro cause they’re tested beyond all else

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Oh baby. After installing the dv4s this makes me sweat. I need this.

Looking forward to giving these a go.
Was there not mention of these having Bluetooth as well?
(I know, I don’t want much do I? :face_with_peeking_eye:)

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USB-C next, k thanks.


How much does that matter? Most people are programming off of bt.

True. It doesn’t matter that much. It’s just nice to not have to have to dig through a bunch of cables to find the singular micro usb cable you own which is capable of transmitting data. At least that’s what I always end up doing. Maybe you’re better organized than me, but Vescs are the only thing I use micro usb for (when Bluetooth is being finicky), so I always end up losing the cable I use.

Would I add $100 to the BOM and 700 mm^3 of volume to the Vesc for type c? Probably not. but it is definitely preferable to have type c. To properly say if we want it we need to know what it costs the manufacturer and thus us eventually.

I just don’t want us to communicate the wrong thing to vendors, since this sounds kinda like the conversation y’all had with maker x regarding anti-sparks. Do most people like having an anti spark? Yeah. Do people want to pay for a terrible one? No. We shouldn’t just jump the gun and say we don’t want a feature when In reality we do but only if certain conditions are met.


Wowow!! Crazy stuff.

Can’t wait to get in this Gen! Maybe I’ll pick up the new d100s for my mtb


This is not related to cost. The USB Type-C port is taller compared to micro USB by a few millimeters, and it requires a larger PCB footprint. It becomes challenging to integrate it into such a compact design.


Got any pcb pics?


@YUTW123 I’m assuming no Bluetooth on DV6s and D100s?

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