Go-FOC D100 / D75 / D60

this is for the D75? by that standard you can run 18s on it just fine

also the D75 is listed at 120 amps now. Is the new one less capable than the old one?

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send me one at half price and i will do a bunch of review videos :grin: :rofl: (just kidding!)
l am the kind of guy who like to ride a high speed on my mountainboard and the must common
problem is the heat build while riding .
l really like your products but l will wait a bit until l see a lot of e-mtb builds with 18S

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The first batch of D75, the mos used is 75v, and the performance is stronger


got it, makes sense.

General feedback - you should define if its motor or battery current that should be limited by these metrics



Still not terrible tho considering the higher voltage usually uses less amps haha

Yes this should be clarified for non-experts

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i set dual my 4.10 vesc to 100A motor and 200A battery and never have any problem heat problem since a year lol

Those settings don’t make sense first of all, but I’d be impressed if it wasn’t sagging

There is no point in setting the battery max higher than motor max lol


That’s why these specs are giving Motor Amps most likely. All we care about is heat so if these can switch 10kW per motor they are gonna be good.

One thing it would be good to see is if these are continuous or instantaneous values.


l know its not recommended :rofl: but use the heatsink and good cooling
remember theses number are just a burst (peak current at startup) for 3-4 seconds

Yeah good points

You saw in the video how fast it raised temp tho, continuous is probably maybe 80 to 100a maxxxxxxx

Without a heatsink you could probably get away with a couple pulls at 120a before it gets too hot

yeah you right ! l was wrong with the value ! this setting is from my e-bike controller :rofl: :rofl: , theses days l work on 2 project at the same time

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I think his point was having battery amps higher than motor amps does literally nothing


in fact not really you can loss brake if the motor amp is to low

Unless you turn on field weakening

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Field weakening completely ignores your set battery amps and uses whatever value you give it.

still waiting for video with a e-mtb running 18s anyone?

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Does anyone have a verdict or review on these VESC’s vs the competition, IE 100D, Ubox, etc? Currently running 13S but i’m hoping to eventually move to 16S6P, so the D75 is pretty tempting if everything else here checks out and the initial issues have been resolved.