Ghost acceleration

I had my second wipe out due to ghosting caused by signal losses. The first one was cause by the MT gen 1 trigger RC and the second now by the FS VX2 Pro. But the problem is the same if the RC loses the connection, the last input gets hold by 2-3 sec. If you are braking you will experience a full brake if you are accelerating you experience a WOT for the same time. This time I was accelerating on half throttle until it lost the signal and I was wheeling the board for the next seconds until the connection was back and I smashed the front truck into the pavement and wiped the tarmac with my back.

I’m really done with such BS, that’s why I would like to know how I can prevent this in future.
Is there a RC or a setting which cuts the signal in case of a signal loss? I just don’t want any input like acceleration or braking when the signal is lost.


easiest solution is to not to have signal loss

how is the receiver setup inside and what isnit surrounded by
and where do you normally ride

Using flipsky remote will not help


Had this exact problem with this remote.

My advice: Throw in trash and get a puck.


the receiver is on inside a box on a top mounted MTB with all other electronics, but this is not the problem. There can be interferences from outside or just a sudden loss. You can’t prevent signal losses for 100% in every situation, but you can change the behavior when it happens.

what happens with the puck when it loses the signal?

I’ve never had a loss of signal with puck, ever. So :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:


Well… That’s not really satisfying. I’ve never experienced a signal loss with the VX2 until now and I have 6 and about 6000 miles on them.

It’s the flipsky receiver. The reason it loses signal is not because of any interference, but because the wiring harness for it gets loose and loses connection. At least that was the case for like 3 VX2s I had. I put silicone on the wire connection going to receiver and it helped a little, but would still do it.

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pucc better :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Turn your board on and wiggle the wire going into receiver. If it loses connection, you’ll know why.

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I meant why is the puck better?

If you want to know what happens when the puck gets the signal lost, you just need to accelerate your board until it is out of the range of the RC and see how it behaves.

The reason for me is because it’s never lost signal vs losing signal all the time with the vx2. It’s proved itself reliable to me.


point is that many people use the puck and it’s commonly known as the most reliable remote – whereas flipsky remotes’ unfortunately are commonly known to lose signal/cut out

easiest solution is just to not have cut outs, right?

I get it, but I’m interested in the technical details and want a solution to prevent this stupid behavior in case of a signal loss.

If you’re wiling to use the mini remote, you can set the failsafe behaviour pretty easily.
I’ve never had a cutout with the mini, either.


Just gotta mod the power button and then its a 10/10 remote.


What if you bump your brake to kick on to 10% after signal loss? Just in case it happens again a lil brake is better than none

Where can you set it?