Gear drives, anyone use a single?

I’ve been thinking about my short board build, I really wanted to diy a gear drive system but the fatboy nano urethane is just about perfect for my build, but to keep weight down I was thinking about using one and selling the other. Has anyone done this? I’m unfamiliar with the gear ratios I honestly can not remember what wheel pulley I have on my dickyho setup, less torque would not be ok.

Linny has a single gear drive, might only have bought one though.

could also just count the teeth on your dickyho gearing and try to match it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea, i have another one but not in use. The gearing for the Avio urethane gear drive is 17/45. I recommend only 107mm wheels and above however due to clearance from the gearbox.

The Arc Aileron v2 is a single gear drive.


Personally I think geardrive makes a lot of sense on single drive builds because on a belt setup you’d have 2x less belt width to distribute the torque, so gear drives, which don’t slip, are a perfect solution.


Which drive are you using Linny? The same one I’m interested in?

Nvm saw it’s a avio

Yep, let me know if you are interested. I don’t have a use for it at the moment and i have the front and rear truck + the drive.

@Linny your Kushboard Jr made me want to make a similar short range light set up too,
is it easy to kick push with the gearing and wheel size you have?
really like the idea of something I can push if needed

Ill be building a single gear drive for my wife

For my case, i’m using 107mms so its a bit higher off the ground. However, kick pushing feels almost the same with a normal longboard due to little to zero drag from the drive system. 107mms and kick pushing it almost feels like doing a half squat every kick tho :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome, thanks,
getting your squat exercises all on one side!

I have a single drive as well. It works pretty great, and like @Linny said, 107mm and above for clearance purposes.

It has worked great in my experience, but I would recommend a 6374 motor for performance reasons.

The new foamies from slick revolution look like a great wheel choice.


@3DServisas is a reasonable guy, i expect he would do you a deal on a single drive :slight_smile:

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4000w single


Whoa what’s that bad boy measure? No gear lube?

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72/9 mod.8 1250kv. Torque steer is what drove me to making the 3link.
A precision truck would be a huge improvement

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I’m guessing the drive shaft is one piece?
or is there some kind or miraculous tiny differential in the middle?

One wheel peel. Precisision truck greatly reduces torque steer on a single drive.

awesome, thanks
I haven’t finished building mine yet,
going to be interesting to feel the how different a single drive is

No problems running those gears dry? Do they get hot?