Gear drive concept: 90° motor mount?

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I am posting this for any gear drive maker (@moon @3DServisas @avX) to pick up, as I myself am not really proficient in making anything like it, but I believe this would be a great business venture:
As motor sizes increase, gear drives could offer an unique advantage for skateboards, compared to other drives: Since cogs are used to transfer power, one could probably rather easily produce a gear drive where the motor is mounted 90° to the axle of the wheel, with 45° cogs. That would mean one could mount very large motors on very small axles. This is just not possible with any other drive.

What does the community and manufacturers think about that?

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Been done implementation challenges I believe.
Edit - @xsynatic beat me to it and with pics.


Where/how can I get one?!


You can’t. It was a limited one-off production run.


What sucks the most is that I am always broke when a set of those come up for sale.

Since they gave up on that design, anyone knows if bevel gears that size can be found anywhere and repurposed for a drive.


I think @Ace is doing a build with those ones @xsynatic posted. There was a vendor thread on the old builders forum.


@Linny as well


I just found this:

With English not being my first language I didn’t know what bevel gears were called, I feel a little silly and dumb now =(

Yeah, letz see what mighty @Linny builds with them.
Other builders who tried the beavel drives failed on rattling and weird other things if I remember correctly.


Don’t! We’re all here to learn :+1:


Paint some flames on the motors, and it’ll look like this


You and me brother…


I holded myself back 2 times, bc experienced builders didnt get this shit running reliable. All eyes on Linny, now!
Hopefully he getz this drives into the streets without any isssues.


Why not use worm gears and inrunner motors with high KV (300+)? You can get much better reductions with worms (1:30+), and get the benefits of inrunners (better cooling, more power overall, etc.).


Because worm gears do not go in reverse and thus don’t allow regenerative braking


(just to clarify: A worm gear can rotate in both directions. But what I mean is that the worm cannot be spun from the cog, only the other way round. So you can’t use it for braking. When you brake, the direction the shaft is turning is obviously not reversed, but where power is transferred to and from is. If you stop spinning the worm, the whole thing just stops, throwing you off the board)


I might try to make something like this myself, 3D-printed for a prototype and then maybe CNCd to use it for myself for a bit before going “public” with it.

The way I see it, drives in general have an issue (apart from the axle-width-motor-length-thing I mentioned in my first post) with clearence, as you need a rather large cog on the wheel-side.
Having looked into the topic a bit, I believe a hypoid bevel gear would work very well, as you can reduce the amount of teeth on the pinion to as few as 5. This means that you can get much smaller crown sizes (less teeth) for the same gear ratio.
You could then put a small helical pinion on the same axle with the large gear to drive another gear, which in turn drives the wheel.
That way there are two benefits: The last two gears can be swapped to provide different ratios and the clearence is not really dependent on the large crown from the hypoid bevel gear, but rather from the last two gears installed, which could be fairly small.

I DO realize that those are a bunch more moving parts though!


Can’t be Back driven (aka if you turn the wheel it will lock up). super bad for e sk8 as we use the backwards force thro the system on e skate for brakes to achieve a controlled stop

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