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Ive been wanting to build an esk8 for a while and a summer job before college was the perfect funding opportunity to get started. I made a deck out of some scrap 5/8" plywood I found in my garage.

I stripped the stain off after I cut it and following this tutorial I added fabric and fibreglass to the bottom. My next step is to poly the whole board for waterproof/UV protection.

I ordered trucks and wheels off amazon as I was originally gonna keep it manual and convert later so I purchased flywheels knowing I was gonna need them. Im gonna be commuting around a college campus. Im gonna be in Florida so humidity and rain will be issues. Id like 7-10 miles of range and 20-30 Mph is probably good. Currently Ive been compiling a parts list and id like to know whether or not I’m on the right path in terms of my build.

Trucks/Wheels: Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/83mm Flywheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings

Motor: TorqueBoards 6374 190kv


Mount: Boardnamics Universal Mount with Idler Tensioner (Its hard to see in the picture of the trucks if this mount will fit This might change)

Pulley: 36T ABEC Pulley 12mm Combo Kit

Remote: TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller

Power switch: DIYE Electric Skateboard Power Switch

Im still doing my battery research but so far I’m thinking to use 2 5S 5000mAh wired in series.

For the enclosure i was planning to do something custom, I have lexan that I can fold and work with.

This is my first post so I hope Im not doing anything wrong :grimacing:


Welcome to the fun zone.

First of all, your deck looks cool! You may end up changing it later since it is flat but good job.

Those trucks that you selected might not work out, they may work with paris mounts? Not 100% sure since it doesn’t really say. I would suggest getting caliber 2 trucks since they are compatible with so many types of mounts. You could try making your own motor mount but I am not sure how skilled you are with metal working or machining.

I wouldn’t buy the DIYE switch, they have failed many times in the past, other members could offer their opinion as well. I would just do a simple XT90-S loop key, you can search for that, there is a guide here on the forum.

The rest looks good. Lexan is pretty brittle, I would lean more towards Kydex or ABS plastic for the enclosure :slight_smile:


I rode for a few months in my first board that was a piece o plywood, definitely enjoyable for a first board, but mine was not as cool as that


Definitely change the trucks to real caliber or even Dickys clones.


I ordered the motor, VESC, remote, mount and pulley kit. Im gonna get caliber 2s and wheels as well. Im still unsure about batteries. Is 2 5s 5000mAh tied in series a good idea or is there a different battery setup I should look at.

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I think it will be enough for your desired range, I personally would go at least double, miles fly by fast, once you’re flying.


What does double mean? 2 6s in series? higher mAh

4 lipos, 2 for series and 2 for parallel, making 10s/12s with 10k mah capacity.


Would it make more sense to just buy a battery from diyelectricskateboards? or are separate batteries better.

He means just buying four lipo packs and putting two in parallel. I personally would probably still go with the lipo packs if you have room, you will get more amps available and they will be a lot cheaper.

If you don’t have the room, a pre built battery can be a good option but it is much more expensive. i.e. my friend’s board I am going to build in a few weeks is a 10s1p of 5 lipo packs. 5 2s packs in series, cost about 130 for the batteries. Should get about 12 mi of range on these 5000mah cells

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Im gonna start with 2 5s in series for $ reasons. If I really feel the lack of range its an easy upgrade. I ordered the caliber trucks. In addition, I cant seem to find anything about what sort of battery charger is recommended. I read somewhere about a BMS but it was unclear if that s something I should be getting or if a generic charger off Amazon would be fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated for a suggested charging solution. Something inexpensive would be best as I’m already close to my budget limit :grimacing:

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I think a lot of information is available on the forum here about BMS deals. You can check out SuPower for a BMS or Bestech, see here in my thread:

Additionally, you would need a 10S liion charger for the BMS. These can be aquired on Ebay, Aliexpress, and several other places. YZpower makes good chargers.

Alternatively you could do manual balance charging with a hobby balance charger, opening your enclosure whenever you need to charge or wiring the balance connectors through the enclosure

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Accidentally ordered 3 batteries instead of four 🤦🤦welp. Now for a charger.

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I think I’m just gonna get this battery

Is this a mistake or will it work for me?

That should work fine, it is a popular charger. Having the ability to put it easily in storage charge is also very helpful. I have a crappy hobby charger with no screen and it almost always overcharges to 4.25V or something along those lines

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Update time!! I waterproofed the board and put the bad trucks I ordered on. Several things became apparent after riding it down the block 1) the trucks aren’t far enough forward and on turns the wheels hit the edge. 2) the board isn’t fully symetrical so it looks off when riding on it. The first issue is an easy fix. The second not so much. I’m deliberating making a brand new board with a better symetrical shape to improve it’s look. It’s 100% passable just not that attractive. A new bar would be curved, proper symetrical via the use of templates and their would be better space for the wheels.

Any tips for a better board shape would be much appreciated. The last thing I would want is to have to do a take three :grin::grin:

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Ignore the lame graphic and do your galaxy style but this deck is super comfortable, affordable, has wheel groove cutouts, and arrives in a week.

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Dude that looks dope why have I never seen this before haha

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I have one and @J0ker does too. Mine is still manual but I looove it.


Are caliber 2s dropthrough compatible out fo the box?