Front Wheel Drive Discussion

Wanted to open this up to get people’s opinion and have a thread for reference.

@MoeStooge had a FWD raceboard I believe. Can you comment on that?

Maybe @Vinsanyon could weigh in how he liked this build

I know @Skunk wants to build one, and @Bindings_McGee doesn’t

Myself, I see the merit, especially in the rain.
Just like a car, it would be safer when turning and accelerating at the same time


Also this makes sense


You’ll get more traction braking than accelerating, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


I am running my mtb in FWD usually, I just switch when I really need the traction (like for hills). FWD is much more stable, at speeds, in curves and on snow.
When I switch to RWD I get speedwobbles on dirtroads almost at 35km/h. With FWD it keeps stable beyond 45km/h and the brakes are better…win win.


hm so what exactly are drawbacks? Do you experience wheel spin?

Now I want to namemy MTB build the Delta 037

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Nice title Robin. :joy:


Personally I think RWD should be done away with, especially for the chinese stuff people are buying in droves.

That traction problem will just train people to keep weight on the front wheels.


RWD looks too cool, and looks are a major driver of sales for prebuilts.


I’ve been considering FWD for a while because infinitely better brakes, which also means you can up the regen Amps so another win.

Couldn’t care less at this stage about less traction for acceleration, but have some concern for damage potential on the motors as mine are GD mounted.

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@JaysTCB is running fwd on his SRB


I mean, what is specific about a front wheel drive, just reverse motor direction for most boards. Guess it won’t work on decks like evos. The biggest downside to me is the front truck feels heavy and it feels like it wants to plow headfirst through a tight corner than whip around it.

Also the back end feels lighter than the front which also kinda feels less stable on straight ways. The braking traction is a plus and I think conceptually FWD is better, just the weight feels weird.


think i’d miss the wheelies and skids


Well not so sure about just flipping the motors. If argue any board that is omnidirectional is improperly tuned


Well I go and switch my bushings around but I wouldn’t say its a process. 5 minutes with a skate tool and its FWD.


@davidbonde Front drive track master.


I would not recommend FWD for MTB’s especially offroad. Beside the decreased traction it can be really dangerous. When you for example do an unintended burnout (which happens fast with FWD on inclines) all the stones and debris get thrown in your face.

I ride in both directions so forward is RWD and reverse FWD. Not long time ago I was riding in dirt park in the evening and while climbing a hill in reverse the wheels had a burnout. A small stone got smashed hard in my eye. Me lucky bastard had the eyelid shut exactly in this moment but it was still painful. Thanks god it was shut. It got dark that’s why I didn’t wear the colored goggles anymore, time to order clear goggles. Safety first!


Also isn’t it better to have a stable back truck that turns less? This means that by putting a heavier and likely harder to turn element on the truck, the board will end up less stable.

I guess it depends on what kind of riding you’re doing, because this setup seems great for stop and go, but with less benefits for longer, smoother, and faster top speed rides.


WR And @JaysTCB boards were built Front drive. Intent and thought is instability comes from the rear axel. Give the rear axel every chance to do its job properly. Recover and follow the front.
WR Board test run


Would you say that fwd is a good idea even for regular boards assuming we get our kicks form 30-40mph bursts?

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I’m also interested with what the street lamp (@Agressivstreetlamp) said… Still deciding between back or front for the Killshot…

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