Forum Adjustments and Updates

I wanted to create a space in which to let everyone know what’s being done to the forum, what was done to the forum, or what will be done to the forum, so this particular thread will serve that purpose.

Also, the Site Feedback category is for exactly that. If there’s something you’d like to see or have done or adjusted regarding the site or this forum, start a topic in there and based on the results of discussing it we’ll move forward.

  • minimum post length for existing users who have posted before is now 5 characters.
  • maximum private message count is infinity.

I’d like if the top bar was more narrow in the vertical dimension. However, I’m conflicted because I also like the logo.

  • disabled digest emails and made some other adjustments to keep the amount of emails being sent from the forum to a minimum. You guys have been busy, apparently. Mailgun has been disabling our account for 15 minutes at a time due to the volume coming out of here lol

Eventually there will be an ad in that empty space. Once it really picks up i’m going to try and get sponsors to pay for this thing.


My guess this will pick up pretty quickly.

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Can we add a favicon?

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I have a bunch of stuff I could help with, but no way to submit a code patch… including favicon et al…

@moon @b264 I have one set. I don’t know why it isn’t displaying, i’ll see if i can figure it out. I know it was displaying one before, its possible it got lost during one of the updates.

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No worries, its probably just me. I usually have a lot of tabs open and favicons help :slight_smile:

nope, it wasn’t you. It was an ssl conflict. After flipping it over to SSL last week it never updated its favicon address to https so things were getting blocked.

after telling it to force ssl on everything it started working.


Is there any way we can get categories for these? I put them in General Discussion because there was no place else that made sense

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I was just waiting for somebody to make a post. I figured How Tos and classifieds were inevitable.

New cats created, posts moved.


Why is predictive text not working anymore? Even on builders it stopped. Help i cant spell lol


it’s possible that feature was disabled by an update. I’m pretty sure .builders is aggressively keeping their software up to date as well.

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@longhairedboy The letter-avatar-proxy system is not working for some reason.

Oh for fucks sake. ITs always something in paradise.

Why doesn’t he have one of his own? I blame Dexter.


The avatars are still jacked-up :expressionless:

its the avatar service, not discourse. It cleared up on its own and then started again


I have to pay for my avatars remember.


You can sent the payment in form of two 6380 outrunner directly to me @torqueboards
No problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1: