Focbox Unity and Flipsky VX1

Hi all, I need a little help with the above jf at all possible?.
How do I get the VX1 to tell me what battery is left in the board through the FB Unity please? Is there another part I need?
Many thanks

Wire the blue wire to the positive, (red) wire of the unity.

Your battery % will show up on the remote.

Alternatively, you can connect to the unity via your phone through the FOCBOX UI app to see your battery %

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Are you using PPM? Probably. You need to connect 1 positive wire from receiver to main battery.


Whats the app called @Linny?? Is it available on Apple?

It’s called FOCBOX UI, unfortunately the app is only available on android.

Bugger! I have an iPhone

Was there not a app on the AppStore some time ago?

If you’re willing to flesh out about 50 euros more…
You can get a special BT module that swaps over from the stock one, and use the Metr app to connect, and that one has IOS.

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Not that i can remember… Sofu was working on it and then it sort of got left behind.

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What about the XMatic ios App for VESC data and telemetry??

That Metr module works on those apps also.

It says its been updated to work with the standard Unity??

Actually, Enertion sort of didn’t pay her the agreed-upon fee for her work. Jason is a man of honour.

Sorry for another question, I have a PPM cable for the VX1 as per my original post but the JST connector in the Unity is different. Happy to put up on the original post but just looking for friendly advice on which connector it is?. Had to put it in here as had my hand slapped for creating a new post…

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Plug the PPM cable from the unity to the receiver like so.
Blue wire connects to the red wire of the unity so you can get battery % reading from your remote.

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Also, please do not be afraid to ask questions. Making too many posts at a time can be cluttery, but again you can always ask any questions here.


Hi bud, yeah, I got that. Its the connector in the Unity. The VX1 PPM cable doesnt fit and as it was seconhand I have no other cables.


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I need to solder a new connector on the end of the cable but can’t find what model/make of connector it is (although I’m assuming its a type of JST)… very annoying as I was setting the board up through the Focbox UI app on my laptop - thought I was gonna go for a blast this afternoon… but, no…

Ah sorry for the miscommunication, i meant you should use the PPM cable from the unity. That way it will fit.

The other end of the unity PPM cable is the same as most VESCs with PPM cables.

Unity includes a servo cable. Is there?
I easily connected to VX1 with PPM.