Focbox Unity and Flipsky VX1

Hi, does anyone know what the type of connector is on the Unity PPM port please?
My VX1 PPM cable doesn’t fit and the Focbox didn’t come with any…
Thanks in advance

Bro why another post?
You got all the answers here

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I didn’t bud.
I have a PPM cable for the VX1 as per my original post but the JST connector in the Unity is different. Happy to put up on the original post but just looking for friendly advice on which connector it is?.

The unity comes with all the needed connectors in the box. You just need to do a bit of simple soldering.

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It was secondhand - no wires :frowning:

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3P JST-PH 2.54mm

If you’re in the U.S. and feeling real lucky maybe @arzamenable could send you a pair. I think he has a grudge against the post office tho.


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If you know anyone with a scrap 2s hobby battery you can cut the balance lead off and solder it direct to the rx.
This is what I did because the servo connectors are crap. The vx1 Rx in the pic is wired for a Unity. Same connector.

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Hi all,
Hopefully last question. Board is all setup but im getting an error on the Unity App
FAULT_CODE_UNDER_VOLTAGE and the VX1 shows as function on the app but wont turn the motors…?

Set up is:
FocBox Unity
Flipsky VX1
Dual 6374 190kv motors
Dual 5000maH 50c 11.1v 3s LiPo’s in series