FocBox Tenka Talk

Lol don’t they not even accept returns?


90 day replace/repair/store credit :no_mouth:

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I consider only the product and its performance, nothing more.
As for the product it is good, its not a lottery like other budget ESC’s.

I have tested many of these new and old, they are still solid AF despite your morals.

Out of 20+ Unity’s I have only had one, which was a amazon purchase have the DVR blow after 6 months. This was fixed by the DVRWizard here on the forums. Very cheap fix, still rocking that same ESC in my main ride.

As for the other Unity’s they are on boards I see rode each and every week.
Unless you are here to explain more of why a Unity or Tenka is not good, I would leave your Morals
out of this and let people buy what they want to and how they want to. Since Morals can be different
for each person and each person in certain situations.

I would not use morals to decide my components.
Seems like a weird way to pick whats good or not when basing it on a makers background, race, religion, etc.
So I just go by if the hardware works, its not human and leaves all the morals out the picture.

Now if you have info that is not based on feeling I/we would love to hear about that.
I don’t care about the makers backstory etc etc. I only care about how this product does in the field.
An to that regard it is a very Solid. Same can be said for the Tenka just it does not handle as many amps.

You don’t put your faith in my review only though. Many here to help give truthful info with no behind the scene drama etc etc.


People don’t want to support Potter, that’s the main reason to not buy them

The second reason is the idea that there is no customer support, but I suppose you wouldn’t need that if they don’t break.


Facts, no feelings :+1:

Bro have you considered not shilling for Jason Potter in other people’s build threads?

Between this and shitting all over the Batwing thread it’s getting a bit much.

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Not at all, everyone of these is mine and paid for.
No plans to re-sell but have plans to make boards, so I guess kinda resell… but
not a seller of them. Just the thing I honestly trust.
Im not here to sell the forum anything, but plan to build boards for my community for close to cost.
My goals and that to get riders on boards and build this as a sport in my local areas.

EDIT: why has this post been flagged? I only answered the posters question.
The System or Mods are a bit on edge I feel, and no idea why.


I respect your faith in math and appreciate your perspective. I care for capabilities and results. Tenka isn’t the most robust but as long as MINE is reliable; I feel it’s good (specs) enough.

Sir Derelict! Your perspective would be most appreciated as a “Master Builder”. What are your thoughts on Tenka (minus Potter)?

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Wtf!? How does one get this badge?


Yeah wait hold on a sec


I think the Tenka is probably just a repaired/reworked Unity. There’s nothing special about them; it’s a 2+ year old design v4 ESC that lacks the punch that more capable V6 ESCs on the market can deliver.

If you want to build something small and on a budget, they’re fine but not my choice. Given the price difference between a 60D+ it’s not even a question.

But with all that said, Unity & Tenka are product offerings from a known-scammer and thief who has stolen from this community, so I’ll never recommend even if they were great. These aren’t exactly ethically sourced, so it is worth mentioning.

I blame LoveChild? Nah just kidding; you used to be able to bribe the mods when there were more of them with less morals.

Sorry but do you not sell a competing Puck shell yet were dominating the Batwing thread complaining about pricing? Consider this “personal feedback” and all. I’m far from the only one to have picked up on the same.


I agree, it’s 70a max motor amps don’t compare well to v6’s usual 100a max. In my use case (12s4p 21700 molicel) I feel it’s appropriate. Or should I be more mindful of head room? Full retail price difference is $60 USD correct but current sale difference is about $120 USD…(currently). I wasn’t aware these were basically refurbished/upgraded vesc4.4. For the price difference I guess I could give his polished turd a fair shot.

If you’re willing to purchase it without the expectation of support or a warranty, sure.

A lot of folks in this community never received the Unity they purchased, or any sort of warranty support so it’s not a stretch that the same exact person selling the same product could pull that again.

Unity is V4 architecture which is why it doesn’t keep up in power delivery to the 60D+. I’m suggesting that the Tenka may just be a repaired/reworked Unity; zero hardware changes + JayPo is sitting on a fat stack of busted Unity, wouldn’t be a stretch to get them reworked, potted, and resold as a “new product”.

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You said it first huh

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No I stole it from @DerelictRobot lol. Though it’s a rumor it seems to be plausible.

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Yep, not something I have hard evidence on, but from my POV it sure smells a little fishy.

I’m not sure how the cost savings of skipping out on the BLE module, top heatsink, and silicone boot add up to spinning it into a new ‘lower cost option’. We’re talking at most $6-8 reduction in BOM cost from those components when they’ve already paid for the expensive tooling to make them. This isn’t factoring in the added cost of labor in potting them either.

It’s reasonable to assume that post-Enertion collapse, there might be a large pile of Unity with busted antisparks as that was a common/inevitable failure point. Wouldn’t be a stretch to repair those & pot them to cover up the rework, flipping a pile of busted Unity into a “new product”

Again, just my own thoughts on the matter and I could very well be wrong, but I do have a background in embedded systems design & electronics manufacturing. Something doesn’t smell right with the Tenka.

Edit: the above mentioned point about them not being repairable is a great point too. We already have a massive problem with e-waste, I’m not sure introducing a Throwaway ESC to the market is a great idea any time, much less in 2021. It’s also terrible for the consumer if they can only be replaced, not repaired.

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Great point. You’ve been so helpful.

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Added gorilla tape to the inside of the enclosure. Is this a bad idea/fire hazard?


I dont sell a puck shell at all and never have.