Flux with Benefits

Welcome to 2022 and a new build from me. :raised_hands:

Ideas, name and part choices

What I can already tell you though are the rough ideas that went into the name

Build Process

I designed and 3d printed custom guides for cell holding & nickel shapes.

  1. Cells & 10P Packs

  1. Nickel Prep

  1. 10P Packs

  1. Full Battery with BMS

  1. Gear Drive

Bad Adapter from BN for Apex Airs…

just heat it up, it will fit

With new adapters it did fit…

  1. Fine Tuning

  1. v1 is ready

  1. More BN troubles…

  1. New Tires

  1. v2 is ready

  1. Winter Cleaning

  1. NewBee Drives… to be seen

Why only 12s if you got a uBox?

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Yeah 16s6p 21700 is fairly straightforward I believe


I would think 14s7p would be a bit easier, 5x small compartments and 1x double compartment makes it naturally fit 7n groups right?

Or 14s9p 18650


I know 18s6p/12s9p 21700 fit. 16s+ may be hard because of the size of the BMS. Maybe even 15s as it uses the same small LLT/Daly.

I think at 18s you’d toast the ESC, but there’s the 100v beta and StormCores


Yeah, I meant that in a general sense, but 18s is possible on the regular ubox as Ernesto’s been running it no problem (no promises)

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Due to the enclosure size/compartments I really haven‘t considered anything other than 12S.

10P would allow for high capacity cells…

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I recommend using the horn and brake light ports built in the ubox v2 if you go with this ESC

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Recommended break lights?

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How different is the new from the old enclosure?

Anyway to turn them on and off if you don’t have the remote?


Number of cells is the same, layout wise I’m unsure though.

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You can use any 12v light. This is the one I use. 2PCS Trailer Brake Light 15 LED Rear Light Trailer Truck LED Tail Light 10 30V Trailer Stop Signal Lights Tail Brake Light Bar| | - AliExpress you just need a way to mount whichever light you pick to the board. I designed and 3dprinted a mount for it to attach to my 3d printed box

It turns on only when you are braking with your esk8 remote wheel it can’t be turned on/off with the secondary buttons. You could solder some bullet connectors in between the UBOX port and the brake light to unplug it?

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Ok so the port is always on? I haven’t had a chance to really look at it yet.

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The port is always on but the light is only on when braking. For the horn, it is only on when you momentarily press the accessory button 1 on the uni1.

The Ubox V2 is also available for 20S.


Finally updated my build with the build progress and current state.