Flipsky VX4 - Update vs No Update

It has been a bit tedious to go through a bunch of threads to find all of the vx4 testimonials and whether the users have the big firmware update or not. That is why I made this thread and added the poll.

Please respond to the poll if you have experience with the vx4. (please choose the option that includes the update if you have tried with both.) Also please leave a comment telling your answer and why you chose that particular answer.

  • Have the firmware update and Approve of the vx4
  • Have the firmware update and don’t approve of the vx4
  • Don’t have the firmware update and approve of the vx4
  • Don’t have the firmware update and don’t approve of the vx4

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Haha I made a poll like this on my Youtube channel a while back.

I’ll be releasing the first look vid soon along with setup. Still haven’t gotten to ride it yet but got to update the firmware on two remotes and I’m still looking forward to using it


consensus seems to be that it’s fine after firmware update


If you buy a VX4 now would they have updated it already?


Definitely a valid question


I put approve but it’s more that I’m interested in the product in isolation, but flipsky are scummy so I’m not sure how to factor that in and still haven’t bought one as a result

I’m bumping this thread to ease some debates over there,

To people genuinly interested into the remote, you better read those two threads completly to get a fair idea of the question


This ^

Also this is the exact reason I made the thread but some people no likey :person_shrugging:t3:


Ive had mine since I built the board last month and its been flawless. The telemetry (battery, speed, etc) being right there is really handy.

That said Ive had the anti spark switch fail on the ESC and they recon its a failed MOSFET, they are trying to push an external anti spark on me instead of replacing the whole unit and I’ve refused as its only a few weeks old so see how they deal with the issue…

quite sus

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I’ve never tried it but I had the vx2 for a while already and I like it,
this one as interesting form factor, I’d be curious to try it
The lack of telemetro on the puck always stoped me from buying one
Maybe this one could be a nice compromise even though it’s flipsky-grade

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If it means anything to you, the form factor is great in my average sized hand and I’ve ridden with it for almost 300 miles with no real issues to speak of

Large hands may have difficulty with it


I have quite large hand,
If you could caliper me the height of it and the length I’d make a fast 3D model for anyone who’d want to print and try :slight_smile:

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It’s in my latest vid on it I can’t remember how far in but it’s chaptered

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I ended up getting the remote cause people seemed to like it after the update. I actually have quite large hands (with skinny fingers) and it fit in the hand very nicely. I’d say it might be too small if you have long and wide fingers but fine for either option.


ah - I said that based the opinion off of one large handed friend, of course your mileage will always vary

Got two units, one from early batch so I had to manually update it. In fact I had no signal issues with that, but the battery charging issue - was not able to charge it to 100%. After update that was kinda solved, but battery died within a month. So now waiting for replacement.

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Ditto, got fsesc 6.7 plus antispark blown right away, was not able to push them to replace the unit or compensate external antispark.

They have agreed to replace the unit but I have to send the old one back first which is annoying as I’ll be without for weeks. I might ask if I can put up refundable collateral and get one sent first.

How long ago did you order?

Well the esc was waiting for next build for a month or two, the build happened around 4 months ago. Anyway it ain’t worth disassembling, sending and waiting for replacement imo, ext antispark is cheapo