Flipsky is a bad actor, you probably shouldn't be giving them your money.

Cloned @JoeyZ5 ZBMS (that he designed as a UNIVERSITY STUDENT), made it worse, stole his name too, overstating its capabilities and tarnishing the name of the ZBMS.


This thread is a wiki. feel free to contribute your own complaints about flipsky.

I’d type a whole paragraph about the VX4 and the VX1 pro causing injuries, but someone’s gonna bitch about me being biased.


“Shouldn’t be giving them your money”

Motors definitely don’t count, right?


doesnt that depend?

The 6384’s I had were the screaming banchee type and unusable (BN branded), The 63100’s I had, one of them developed a pretty bad can rattle that rendered them unusable… the 6374’s I had were fucking bullet proof and it took me a while to kill them. One out of 3 isn’t a great average imo

*ed and General comment: The Motor Mounts I had on a commuter board a few years ago sheared and weren’t fit for purpose, just downright dangerous garbage… their trucks had to be replaced from bent axles, their anti spark is not an anti spark… the list goes on. I know some people forgive them their mistakes but I simply cant and wont. They show a casual disregard for safety and there are other developers who care a whole shitload more and could do with the support.


I had one that made a BIG spark.


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The motors are fine for 90% of folks.
If you push them heavy they don’t last so well.
Same as you, the 74s have lasted the best for me, but have still destroyed a set of them.
The vx4 is the best remote out there, with a huge caveat of it needs a $70 aviation grade throttle upgrade, otherwise its trash.
The rest of their products can eat shit.

Copping @JoeyZ5 's bms is low, but expected. Curious how they got their hands on it to copy, either a bad actor or they used a shipping forwarder to mask where it was going.

That was a wild failure mode :rofl:

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Yeah i don’t get why the motors cop so much flak. I am still yet to hear the ‘banshee’ noise from mine, they seem to run just fine for me.

I did kill one but that was a freak accident that could have happened to nearly any outrunner.

But still, fuck them. I only bought the motors cos i wanted the shiny Apex writing on them.

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@janpom might have a word.

12s may not get them to the certain rpm that turns them into jet engines?

Come ride behind @ShutterShock on his bro at 25mph and you’ll know

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Exactly, but beyond just copying stuff, they don’t seem capable of progressing the designs/FW.

Mine are 140kv running at 16s, so maybe not enough rpms :man_shrugging:

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So many to the flipsky apologists,

I’m gonna say something controversial, but you guys used to tear into mboards and TB harder. Giving them a pass because they’re an overseas company (where your expectations are already low) is dumb. And if it’s because you like their motors, that makes you a hypocrite too.

Now, obviously, not many alternatives for good midrange motors. The rest of their products are shit anyways

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Dramatic effect. Quiet weekend.
I expected more pitchforks


Ahh I don’t know. I thought you were 12s gang for life. How you liking 16s?

Also to stay on topic #fuckflipsky


Meh. Even if every active on the forum boycotted flipsky it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Are they cunts? Yes.

Can anything be done about that? Not really.

How many fucks do I have to give about them? Not many, if any.


Its likely i’ve said that on one or more occasions :rofl: 16s is as high as i’ve gone, but higher voltage = more gooder in my experience so far :ok_hand:


Solos been all good?

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The solos have been fucking excellent. Extremely happy with them.

The only things I can fault with the solos are the size and the latching switch (no auto-off)

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V2 Flipsky motors do not scream. They are great for the money.


Mine filled up with sand after I rode them on the beach. I want a refund.